Oakley True Digital ™ 

Oakley is a leader in sports frames and optical lens innovation, aiming to meet the high demands of everyone who takes their sport seriously.  Oakley True Digital ™ is designed as a corrective lens specifically for the professional and amateur sportsman or woman, ensuring they have the best field of vision at all times. 

Oakley True Digital ™ is the most advanced Oakley sporting lens using advanced optical, Oakley Dual peripheral Technology ™. This technology ensures instant motion detection and the best peripheral vision. 

Why use Oakley lenses?

 Wide range of correction 

Advanced sports performance 

 Impact resistance 

 Hydrophobic coating 

Anti-scratch coating 

 Wide range of coloured lenses  for different weather conditions 


Lightweight lenses 


Why Use Oakley True Digital ™?

A wide range of polarisation 

Designed specifically for luminaires Oakley

Extremely comfortable fit

2-year manufacturer warranty


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