We only use quality lenses

We only believe in using quality prescription lenses. All our lens categories are tested by our staff before offering them to you to ensure our customers only get the best value. We constantly keep up to date with the latest in lens technology and coatings.

We are currently offering FREE standard single vision lenses with most of our glasses.

Below we have provided snippets of information on the latest lens advancements. All of the below are available for purchase in our London store.

Oakley True Digital

Introducing Rx lenses uniquely designed for people who demand the best vision possible in high-wrap frames. Oakley True Digital lenses maximize performance by utilizing Oakley Dual Peripheral Technology™ to deliver the best possible peripheral image and motion recognition.


Being a leader in opthalmic lens technology, Nikon holds claims to a series of firsts including 1.74 high index material. Nikon is also known for producing the first customizable single vision lens. By developing advanced digital lens designs and innovative coatings Nikon is at the forefront of opthalmic technology.

Whilst pioneering high index lenses Nikon has also spent extensive time refining their anti reflective coatings. Nikon has a leading edge in the field of ultra thin coating technology of opthalmic lenses. Nikons superior coatings provide the user with clear reflection free vison, lenses are extremely resilient to scratching, offer UV protection and provide a lens surface which is easy to clean and maintain.

The benefit of these coatings are clear cosmetic look, minimised residual reflections making it easier to drive at night and work on a computer screen.

  • Master range: Nikon’s brand new ‘MASTER’ varifocal lenses provide wearers with stress free vision, these lenses reduce the swimming or fishbowl effect to create a more enhanced image. This reduces the visual stress to a minimum.
  • Seestyle High Base (Wrap Around): Nikon's Seestyle lenses offer superb optical performance with an excelent cosmetic look in comparison to a conventional high curved lens.
  • Seecoat Coating: Nikon has developed the Seecoat range which offers tougher lens durability, reduced cleaning, higher clarity, and an overall higher performing lens. Within this range Nikon also offer a Seecoat Blue.
  • Seecoat blue Coating: A Blue light controlled technology developed by Nikon, enhances visual contrast on any digital screen providing a higher level of protection towards blue light emitting from these devices.


Essilor is the market leader in varifocal technology. It offers some of the best lens designs available today with their consistent investment towards research and innovation in opthalmic lens technology.

We offer a vast range of Lens designs and coatings from Essilor.

Varifocal lenses include: The Varilux S series, Physio 2.0, E Series, Varilux comfort and many more.

Essilor Lenses have the following coating options: Crizal Easy, Crizal Alize and Crizal Forte UV. The latter being the best and including a no quibble guarantee against scratches.


Carl Zeiss produced the first axially-symmetric eyeglass lenses to minimize the blurring that occurs when looking through edge areas of a lens. This technology is still included in the current product line of Carl Zeiss.

Thanks to continuous advancements, such as new coatings or the incorporation of the wearer’s own visual parameters in the Gradal® series, Carl Zeiss Vision is still setting new standards in the area of eyeglass lenses.

As well as offering excellent optics for common prescriptions Zeiss excels in the area of high index lenses for stronger prescriptions with their glass 1.8 & 1.9 index lenses being some of the thinnest and most precise in the industry.

Over the years Zeiss have developed many different lens coatings ranging from a gold coloured Anti-Reflective through to their top of the range Duravision Platinum Coating comprising of the following benefits:

  • Extremely Scratch resistant Hard Coat
  • Anti Reflective
  • Anti Smudge
  • Anti Smear
  • Anti Static
  • UV Protected
  • Easy Clean