Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

Jimmy Choo sunglasses never fail to create a lasting impression on the minds of style makers everywhere. Malaysian-born designer Jimmy Choo was originally a custom shoe creator who extended his empire to include Jimmy Choo women’s sunglasses in 2007. With an incredibly high level of skill at his fingertips, Jimmy Choo sunglasses are designed to turn heads wherever you go.

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  1. Jimmy Choo Clea/G/S
    Jimmy Choo Clea/G/S
    Was $305.50 From: $107.25
  2. Jimmy Choo CLOE/S
    Jimmy Choo CLOE/S
    Was $432.25 From: $175.50
  3. Jimmy Choo ROSE/S
    Jimmy Choo ROSE/S
    Was $305.50 From: $123.50
  4. Jimmy Choo VIV/S
    Jimmy Choo VIV/S
    Was $432.25 From: $169.00
  5. Jimmy Choo JUDY/S
    Jimmy Choo JUDY/S
    Was $247.00 From: $99.67
  6. Jimmy Choo SADY/S
    Jimmy Choo SADY/S
    Was $273.00 From: $111.58
  7. Jimmy Choo ALEXIS/S
    Jimmy Choo ALEXIS/S
    Was $341.25 From: $165.75
  8. Jimmy Choo Asian Fit TINKA/G/SK
    Jimmy Choo Asian Fit TINKA/G/SK
    Was $341.25 From: $139.75
  9. Jimmy Choo GRAY/S
    Jimmy Choo GRAY/S
    Was $321.75 From: $153.83
  10. Jimmy Choo Gema/S
    Jimmy Choo Gema/S
  11. Jimmy Choo Bebi/S
    Jimmy Choo Bebi/S
  12. Jimmy Choo Elva/S
    Jimmy Choo Elva/S
  13. Jimmy Choo Shade/S
    Jimmy Choo Shade/S
    Was $289.25 From: $139.75
  14. Jimmy Choo Carl/S
    Jimmy Choo Carl/S
  15. Jimmy Choo Henri/S
    Jimmy Choo Henri/S
  16. Jimmy Choo John/S
    Jimmy Choo John/S
    Was $412.75 From: $136.50
  17. Jimmy Choo Aline/S
    Jimmy Choo Aline/S
    Was $386.75 From: $143.00
  18. Jimmy Choo Gabby/F/S
    Jimmy Choo Gabby/F/S
    Was $412.75 From: $182.00
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The Jimmy Choo Story

Malaysian-born shoemaker Jimmy Choo teamed up with ex-accessories editor at Vogue magazine, Tamara Mellon in 1996 to create a footwear brand that would appeal to the female population. Choo and Mellon noticed that there was a big demand for fashion footwear that was comfortable and stylish at the same time. The duo's first collection of designer footwear gained much publicity and success.

The Jimmy Choo brand was an instant hit: celebrities (Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham), musicians and royals such as Princess Diana have often been spotted in Jimmy Choos as well as those who liked to indulge in luxury. Compared to other high-fashion brands, Jimmy Choo was relatively affordable but never cut back on the quality of the footwear or the design. Choo's distinctive style could always be seen in his designs. After Jimmy left his company and brand in 2010, Tamara Mellon was made the head creative director of the brand. A few years on, this iconic accessories brand decided to diversify into handbags, purses and other accessories including eyewear.

The Jimmy Choo Sunglasses Collection

Hollywood celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani are all women who have been seen lately wearing Jimmy Choo sunglasses. The majority of the brand’s designs are feminine just like their footwear range because the eyewear collection is only targeted at the female population.

The soul of the brand is present in all of the eyewear collections. The styling of the frames coupled with the detail and quality makes the sunglasses unique and stunning. Strong colours, bold frame shapes and the luxurious style really compliments the brand's identity. If glamour is what you are looking for in your eyewear, go for this brand. Jimmy Choo frames are characterised by their attention to detail, bright colours and luxury feel. The general ideology behind the brand is to make products that represent sensuality and seductiveness, and the glasses truly represent this.

Jimmy Choo shoes are made with the intention of bringing comfort like no other to an often uncomfortable item. This is the same with their sunglasses, and the entire range is designed to feel almost weightless and completely comfortable to the wearer. There are many reasons to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo sunglasses and to own a piece of fashion history, but what better than the option of combining practicality and fashion.

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