Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley Sunglasses

Shop Oakley sunglasses for men and Oakley women's sunglasses at Fashion Eyewear. Find the latest sports sunglasses, fashion shades and designer prescription sunglasses from Oakley.

      98 products

      98 products


      Oakley sunglasses are best known for their sports and performance sunglasses, with innovative design and leading tech along with durable lenses and frames.

      It doesn’t just stop at sport. Oakley create on-trend sunglasses and classic styles to wear
      whether you’re hitting the slopes, looking for Oakley cycling sunglasses or heading to an

      Shop our Oakley sunglasses collection for the latest frames with prescription lenses
      available in every style.

      How Oakley Sunglasses Started

      Founded in 1975 by motocross fan James (“Jim”) Jannard, Oakley is now one of the biggest
      and best-known sunglasses brands in the world thanks to its innovative sports sunglasses.
      After designing handle grips to improve motocross biking, Jim then moved into eyewear,
      creating The Oakley Goggle.

      The goggles were made with motocross in mind and aimed to solve a problem that riders
      experienced on their bikes: they often ended up getting messy during their ride, which
      stopped them from being able to see where they were going. Following the success of The
      Oakley Goggle, the iconic O Frame and Pro Frame came in and then Ski Goggles with the O
      Frame, marking a move away from motocross.

      Oakley stayed focused on sports, release the O Wing grip in 1984 and then the Oakley Lite
      and Factory Pilot Eyeshades. This all changed in 1985 with the release of Frogskins, the first
      lifestyle frame on the market and the first Oakley's to feature a dual-lens design. Oakley

      sunglasses continued to thrive, with the release of the Blades and the M Frame – still one of
      Oakley’s most popular styles.

      Oakley Sunglasses for Men

      Wherever you plan to wear them, you’ll find a style of Oakley sunglasses to suit. From high-
      performance sports sunglasses through to bold fashion frames, there are options for
      everyone and for every face shape. Whether you want wraparound sunglasses, a visor or
      aviators, you’ll find your style.

      Oakley Women's Sunglasses

      In need of some super stylish Oakley womens sunglasses? You’ll find everything from
      Special Editions and Heritage designs right through to Active, Sport and Lifestyle sunglasses.
      Whether you’re wearing them to look stylish or you’re serious about sports you’ll find the
      right style waiting for you. Whether you’re looking for the Oakley M2 Frame or the seriously
      stylish Oakley Pitchman.

      Oakley Collections

      This high-quality brand offers a multitude of sunglasses for both men and women with all
      sorts of tastes and lifestyles – from hiking, running, skiing or snowboarding there’s an
      Oakley for everyone.

      You can also choose your options when it comes to frames, tint, frame colour, style and
      even interchangeable lenses when you need a versatile pair of sunglasses. With Oakley
      you’ll get durability and quality – this eyewear range is suitable for all weather conditions
      and are scratch resistant with a great grip.

      Oakley is seen everywhere and on everyone from sports professionals Kimi Raikkonen,
      Fernando Alonso and Shaun White to superstars like Tom Cruise, Zac Efron, Lady Gaga and
      billionaire businessman Richard Branson. The brand has even been mentioned in songs
      across the charts.

      Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

      Oakley Sunglasses Best-Selling Styles

      Shop best-selling Oakley styles like the Oakley Holbrook, Oakley Sutro, Frogskins and Oakley
      Flak at Fashion Eyewear for your performance sports sunglasses or your favourite fashion