Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

The mysterious elegance of the Hollywood-born, Californian lifestyle inspired Oliver Peoples eyewear collection features a reinterpretation of classic styling to create refined, modern looks with quirky cool sunglasses designs.

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      64 products

      64 products

      Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

      Channel Hollywood mystique with a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses. Featuring reinterpretations of classic styles, discover refined and modern looks with a quirky touch. Versatile and easy-to-wear, these are sunglasses that’ll stand the test of time.

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      Find luxurious sunglasses from the California-based Oliver Peoples right here. Browse through a wide range of colours and shapes that fuse modern design with a retro edge. Both progressive and individual, these are frames that you will go to for years to come.

      The Oliver People's sunglasses collection

      Discreet and subtle, Oliver Peoples glasses are unique and totally distinctive. You’ll find no labelling on these frames. A selection of frame names give nods to Hollywood stars of the golden age - Cary Grant and Gregory Peck. You’ll also find references to board room meetings and elite parties in the Hollywood hills. These are designs that evoke walking down Sunset Boulevard, taking in the sights and sounds of Tinseltown.

      Why choose Oliver Peoples sunglasses

      Utterly unique yet timeless, Oliver Peoples sunglasses are cool and collected with a retro-inspired edge. Founded by the Leigh brothers, the first Oliver Peoples optical boutique opened in the late 1980s. Beginning by selling vintage eyewear, they soon released their own collection. The brand takes inspiration from cinema, music, art, and culture, resulting in considered, cool and wearable designs.

      How to take care of your sunglasses

      Help extend the life of your Oliver Peoples sunglasses by taking good care of them. We suggest cleaning them on a regular basis. Lukewarm water and gentle soap are perfect for the job, as is specialist lens cleaner. Anything else may be too harsh, and could end up warping the lenses and/or removing their UV protection. When removing smudges, dry using a soft microfibre cloth. And whenever you're not wearing them, store your sunglasses in their case. This will protect them from knocks, dust, and any accidents that could weaken the frames.