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Where can I buy designer clip-on glasses online?

Where can I buy designer clip-on glasses online?


Have you thought about purchasing a pair of designer clip-on glasses? Instead of buying two pairs of prescription eyewear, you can buy one prescription lens and simply add a clip-on to change it to a pair of prescription sunglasses. We have a large selection of clip-on glasses designed by your favourite eyewear brands and it’s easy to see which ones would suit your regular glasses.



What are clip-on glasses?



Clip-on glasses are a pair of optical glasses which come with a separate pair of clip-on lenses. This can easily transform your glasses from normal indoor glasses to sunglasses, as well as combining your prescription, simply through a clip or a magnet. We have many clip-ons available in a large range of sizes and colourways as well as different sunglasses lens tints too, so you can mix and match to find the best pair for you.



Clip-on Sunglasses Vs. Prescription Sunglasses



There are positives of buying both prescription sunglasses and clip-on glasses. If you are spending all day outdoors or you drive a lot you might want two separate pairs of prescription glasses in two different styles. However, this is the more expensive option. With clip-on frames, you can buy one pair of prescription lenses as well as one pair of glasses to carry around. All you need to do is switch the clip-on depending if you are outdoors or indoors. This may be easier if you spend a lot of time switching locations.



Magnet or Clip-on?



We have magnet or clipped clips on available. Magnets are more subtle as you can’t tell your lenses have been adapted, however, the clip-on also adds a fashionable aesthetic.



Tom Ford has a large selection of clip-ons available in every shape, colourway and lens tint, so there is bound to be one you will love. We also stock Andy Wolf, Ray-ban and Oliver Peoples. Some frames the clip-on is sold separately so make sure you buy the correct one! Look at the product number to double-check they will match up.



Now add your prescription lenses



Once you have chosen which type of clip-on glasses you prefer you can add your prescription lenses. We stock all the premium brands, Nikon, Essilor, Oakley, Ray-Ban and Maui Jim. You can add both single vision or varifocal lenses to your clip-on glasses as well as add a coating of your choice. We offer our own Fashion Eyewear packages which combine coating and lenses at the most affordable prices. For any more information on our lenses click here. You can also ask our dispensing optician for any lens advice here.



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