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What to do with your unwanted glasses...

What to do with your unwanted glasses...

At Fashion Eyewear we try to be as sustainable as possible. We understand the scrutiny that the fashion industry is under when it comes to the environment and how important saving our planet is. It is crucial we all try and make an effort as a business and as individuals, here are some ways our business is sustainable:

  • Recycling all paper and waste used in our head office.
  • Limiting package waste and recycling all boxes which can’t be reused.
  • Stocking sustainable brands (Stella McCartney - read how she is a sustainable brand here).
  • Any returned frames which we can’t re-sell are donated to the charity ‘Vision Aid Overseas’.

About Vision Aid Overseas

Vision Aid Overseas works to make sure everyone has access to affordable eye care services and glasses, regardless of their gender, economic status and geographic location. Vision Aid mainly focuses on tackling poverty in Africa. The continent has 73% more blind and visually impaired people than any other region in the world. Vision Aid Overseas works with local governments and communities across four countries in Africa to help those in need. We work alongside Vision Aid Overseas by donating any frames which are returned in good condition and perfect optical quality in a variety of prescription strengths. We aim to keep working alongside this charity and hopefully keep helping in other ways to improve people's eyesight who can’t help themselves.

You can help too!

Every time you have unwanted frames don’t just throw them in the bin, there are people out there who can use them. Too often perfectly fine frames are put into landfill, damaging our environment when they could be gifted to those in need. So let’s not fall into that fast fashion trap of binning things too quickly.

Ways to help:

Charities - One Sight/ Vision Aid Overseas and Lions Club

Give to those who need your unwanted frames in countries who can't afford to buy a new prescription or buy a pair of sunglasses. Simply click on the link and visit their websites to see how you can help by either recycling old glasses or a cash donation.


Recycling is so important, people think of recycling only occurs to everyday waste, but recycling old clothes, glasses and frames is a must. The waste that is generated by fashion materials and acetate from glasses can be damaging to our environments on a global scale.

Give to Charity

Your local charity shop needs donations! Pop down and give your glasses back to the community you live in. Charity shops need donations more than ever and your unwanted frames could be just what someone else needs!

You always need a spare!

Glasses can be easily misplaced or broken so keeping a spare is always a good idea as a backup! You could even use them for fancy dress parties or going out to places you don’t want to risk losing your new frames, best keep them and save wasting them.

Sell them

Selling unwanted frames on the likes of Depop and eBay is a great way of making extra money. It is a win-win situation for you, your customer and the environment!

Be Creative

Maybe you're an arty person? You could reuse your old frames to get creative with the kids on a weekend!

Add a new pair of lenses to an old frame

Do you love your old frames but don’t want to give them up? If the prescription needs updating why don’t you send your old frames off and just get the lenses replaced? These would make the perfect back up glasses.

However, if you are after a new pair of glasses you know where to shop…