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What are photochromic lenses?

What are photochromic lenses?

Tired of switching between your reading and sunglasses when you go outside? If you live in an area that’s often overcast and uncomfortably bright, or a place that sees more sunny days than average, you might consider photochromic lenses with your next purchase.

What are photochromic lenses?

Photochromic lenses - also known as transitions - are lenses that adapt and go darker when exposed to UV light. One of the main benefits is the ability to move in and outdoors without having to change glasses.

These polarised lenses are tinted to be UV resistant, which makes them permanently darker than regular glasses. While not ideal when you’re inside, they’re not dark enough to inhibit your vision.

If you’re wondering whether your glasses are transitions, you can quickly check photochromic lenses by holding them in the sun for approximately 30 seconds to see if they gradually darken.

Are photochromic lenses good for driving?

UV light is what triggers photochromic lenses, and as most modern vehicles have a built-in UV tint in the windscreen, these lenses won’t transition as quickly in the car. This slow and limited reaction means transitions aren’t ideal for driving. If you need prescription sunglasses for driving, it is recommended to invest in a separate pair.

Are photochromic lenses worth it?

The ‘worth factor’ really depends on the glasses that you’re currently using and what you need them for.

The Pros -

  • Photochromic lenses are cost-effective
  • You’ll only have to carry one pair of glasses with you

The Cons -

  • They can’t react to UV when inside a vehicle
  • In extreme temperatures, their reaction time to UV can be slow

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