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The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday 2022


What is Black Friday?

A trend which started in America, Black Friday is the last pay day before Christmas. As it is the last pay day, all retailers put on large discounted sales causing shopping to become a little bit crazy. That is why we recommend staying safe and enjoying the sales from the comfort of your sofa and laptop.

When is Black Friday this year?

This year’s date is the 29th of November so keep that in your diary - It is only 1 week away. The sale date always happens to fall on the Friday after Thanksgiving, however the sales will last all weekend with Cyber Monday following, so don’t worry you have a whole weekend to enjoy the sales. However, be quick while stocks last!

Decide if you are shopping online or in store...

As we already mentioned, shopping in retail on Black Friday weekend can be manic. So we recommend shopping online, cosy and warm from home. But, the choice is up to you!


Research which brands will be doing the best deals, this weekend comes once a year and you want to make the most of the best offers. Of course, when it comes to glasses Fashion Eyewear will have the best deals – no research needed...

Compare Prices!

Make a note and do your homework on what brand is offering what price. Then you can compare and make a logical decision. Shopping is all about logistics when it comes to Christmas and sales!

The power of Social Media!

We all have a social media account these days whether you’re on Instagram or Facebook. Instead of just following your friends and family you should start following all your favourite brands (especially Fashion Eyewear). Brands release exclusive discount codes on their social media so you don’t want to miss out on these offers for the sake of a follow button. Also follow Instagram Influencers who have the same style as you and wear your favourite brands. They are also given exclusive offers to promote so make sure you are on top of all these Black Friday hacks!

Discounted pages.

Make sure you are Googling accounts such as Wowcher, Discount Codes and if you are a student (or if you aren’t steal your little sisters account) try Uni Days or Student Beans. These websites also upload exclusive deals and offers. Many also start on the run up to Black Friday so keep an eye out this week.

Be Mobile Savvy!

I’m sure the majority of us own a smart phone, get downloading all your favourite shopping apps and turn push notifications on. Again, these notifications hold exclusive offers to exclusive deals which we all want to know about. Apps also make online shopping quick and easy by linking to your apple pay or bank account so you don’t even have to put in your bank details. You need to be quick to make sure you get everything you have had your eye on!

TIP: Your phone is going to be losing a lot of charge next weekend so maybe carrying a phone charger while you’re on the go is a good idea.

Set yourself a budget...

We can all get carried away on Black Friday but might regret it by the time the deliveries have arrived. Remember to set yourself a budget and have an idea of what you need to buy before you end up impulse buying!

Value for Money.

Also check if what you are buying is value for money. Don’t just see a fabulous deal and not look at brand and reviews. Especially if you are buying a technological item. Don’t be fooled by the price!

Be early!

Black Friday deals go quick! If you are working on Friday you might want to get up early, especially if you have your heart set on that new TV or Dior Sunglasses...

Fashion Eyewear!

Don’t forget to visit us on Black Friday! We have luxury sunglasses from the top Designer brands at the most affordable prices you will find this year. Our exclusive discounts range from our sunglasses, glasses and prescription sunglasses to an extreme discount of 50% off our lenses and varifocals! You do not want to miss out on these offers - Christmas has come early.

Have a look at our website now and pick what you will be buying on Friday – it’s all about research!