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Tiffany 2042 | TF 2042 Review

Tiffany 2042 | TF 2042 Review

Tiffany 2042 | TF 2042

The Tiffany optical range was introduced to the UK in 2011, to much acclaim. The collection has already marked itself out as a fashion leader and high quality brand. Tiffany glasses take inspiration from the Tiffany jewellery for which the company is so famous. Every piece has some sort of detailing to make it stand out, such a crystals or pearls.


The Tiffany 2042 | TF 2042 are one of the top selling frames in the Tiffany prescription glasses range. The frame is made from smooth acetate for a clean look. The front shape is slightly soft and curved and rectangular, giving a strong appearance that is still feminine. At the temples connecting the hinge section to the arms, are two interlocking circular shapes in either silver or gold, which have small crystals embedded all the way around them which show the quality of the frames in this small detailing. On the inside of the arms is something a bit unique; script writing is printed onto the acetate for a nice romantic style detail. The most popular colour for this model is the matte black, which is a striking colour offset with silver detailing and white writing on the inner arms.

Different lenses are available with this frame. This includes single vision, varifocal and bifocal. The lenses are all available in varying thicknesses, with thinner lenses suited to those with higher prescriptions. Thinner lenses look more attractive as they are less bulky, but they are also lighter so feel more comfortable to wear. The lenses can also be tinted with coatings such as Transitions to transform these into sunglasses when in contact with sunlight.

Coatings available for the lenses include scratch resistant and anti-glare. These harden the lenses to stop any damage (scratches) and stop light from annoyingly reflecting off of the surface of the lenses, respectively. Water and dust repellence are good options for all day glasses wearers, as these will stop small dirt particles in the atmosphere and rain droplets from sticking to the lenses. Smudge resistance is also a great premium option which stop marks such as fingerprints forming on the lenses.

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