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The Tag Heuer Panorama Track


This short review is on the Tag Heuer Panorama Track series.

In this review we will look at what makes the Tag Heuer Track series a popular choice when choosing designer glasses.

We will also briefly take a look at the Tag Heuer company to see what makes them stand out from competition.

The Tag Heuer Panorama Track is very attractive to say the least. The composition of components and the choice of materials is outstanding. The stems are made of the Elastomer material that Tag Heuer uses exclusively for their eyewear collections. These Tag Heuer glasses have hinges unlike the Panorama Curve and Panorama Reflex series. This offers wearer who want improved compact ability; the glasses can be stored away more easily and quickly than the other models.

These glasses come in a variety of colour including the Tag Heuer signature red (see image). There is also small Tag Heuer logo on the temples; perfect for people who love intricate details instead of over-the-top 'bling'. If you are a fan of Tag Heuer watches then without a doubt will you want to choose another designer for their eyewear. Tag Heuer technology is extremely advanced and its ergonomic styles are a big hit with wearers offering them comfort, function, and high quality performance. The glasses are light in weight and easy to maintain.

The Tag Heuer Brand
Tag Heuer is well known for their watch collection, but they also design mobile phones and eyewear ranges. You can buy optical, sun, or night vision glasses from Tag Heuer; night vision glasses are great for those who drive at night or early mornings. The brand's philosophy is to create designs that are functional, unconventional and refined. The Tag Heuer brand takes its inspiration from the world of sports and athletics.