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The Swarovski Ana SK5004 Review

The Swarovski Ana SK5004 Review

The Swarovski Ana SK5004

Today we will take a look at the beautiful Swarovski Ana SK5004. The company started out as a family-run business in Austria. They are one of the best innovative crystal-cutters of our time. Daniel Swarovski, who founded the company found ways to cut a crystal so spectacular that they would shine brilliantly.


Some would even compare his crystals to diamonds. The Swarovski Ana is from the brand's latest eyewear collection and is one of the bestselling models of the year. This sophisticated frame is a real gem. The classic style of the frame is enhanced by the jewelled temple design. If you have a very elegant personality and look for quality and detail in everything you own, the SK5004 is perfect for you. The soft rectangle frame shape would compliment your best facial features.

The smooth acetate frame feels beautiful on the skin and is derived from cotton flower, a non-allergenic material. This beautiful frame is available in three colours; black, light tortoise brown (havana), and a nude-beige tone (brown crystal). The full-rimmed setting will allow for higher prescriptions to be fitted; thicker lenses will not stick out or look odd. Always opt for additional lens coatings; not only does it protect your lenses, it also helps you to save money in the long run. The better you can care for your glasses, the longer they will last.

This is why a lot of people choose to buy designer eyewear as opposed to non-branded frames. The Swarovski Ana is produced and distributed by the world leading manufacturers, Marcolin Group. Marcolin are the official licensed manufacturers to produce eyewear for the brand. This model is available online and in the high street stores. You will notice that the price tag for this model is much cheaper online saving you around 30% off high-street store prices.

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