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The Swarovski Alix SK5008 Review

The Swarovski Alix SK5008 Review

The Swarovski Alix SK5008

This a quick review on the Swarovski Alix SK5008. In this review, we will take a look at the SK 5008 model and figure out what makes it one of the brand's bestselling eyewear. We will play judge on its design, features, and wear ability to give you a little taste of what these stunning glasses can offer you.


The Swarovski Alix is one of the latest models of the brand's eyewear collection. Available in three elegant colours; rose, gold and silver - the names were inspired by precious metals. The frame arms hold beautiful detailed designs. The middle of each frame arm is inlaid with three gorgeous Swarovski Elements that compliment the frame. Swarovski is famed for their sparkling crystals so it would only be right to include their exquisite jewels into their eyewear. The oval frame shape really adds that ultra feminine feel to the glasses and the delicate thin frame helps to soften the wearer's facial features.

The rose is a slightly darker shade than the gold or silver so if you have a classic style, you might want to go for the rose colour. If you prefer more glamour and 'bling', go for the gold colour. The frame is produced using a metal material so please avoid this model if you suffer from sensitive skin or allergic reactions to nickel metal. The handy adjustable nose pads help to support the frame on the wearer's bridge and nose. A metal frame looks sleek and sophisticated when compared to an acetate frame.

If you have a classic, romantic or glamorous style, the Swarovski Alix is perfect for you. If you have a contemporary, urban-edge style, you may feel that this model is too feminine for you. If you like a bold extravagant frame, why not take a look at the Swarovski Alchemy SK5007? The Marcolin Group is a large optical manufacturer based in Italy; they are the official producers and distributors for all Swarovski eyewear models. Marcolin are still the official licensed manufacturers of the company's optical and sun eyewear collections.

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