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The Ray Ban RB5228 2000 In Black

The Ray Ban RB5228 2000 in black Love Ray Ban glasses? If the answer is yes, then read on! This review is all about the super-trendy and super-flattering Ray Ban 5228 in Black.

This model is the best-selling frame of the year but no doubt and is one of the greatest investments to any trendsetter. In this post we will show you how you can dress up or dress down these amazing frames for both men and women.

These unisex spectacles are so stylish it's a wonder why they haven't received their applause much earlier on. Unlike the Harajuku girls of Japan and the fashion-forward South Korean teens, the Western world has only just come round to embracing vintage fashion and retro eyewear. We sniggered and chuckled softly at the idea of wearing optical glasses without lenses but because of our ignorance we never realised quick enough what a fashion-craze this trend became. Now everywhere people are wearing geek glasses like the Ray Ban RB5228.


For Men:

If you are looking for a smart/casual look to go with your Ray Ban frames, why not opt for a a pair of classic chino trousers, boots and a 'grandad' cable knit cardigan for that effortless appeal? Keep your hair neat and tidy and don't be afraid to use a little bit of hair grooming accessories if necessary. To smarten-up your look, try swapping your cardigan for a smart black shirt and loafers instead of boots. With a checked shirt and your Ray Ban RB 5228 2000 glasses, you can achieve that nerdy look.

For Women:

Women can get away with what is smart wear and what casual wear more easily than men. This may be because many certain apparel i.e. a simple t-shirt can look if it is worn with tailored trousers or a smart blazer jacket. The ensemble seen on the left can be dressed up or down by changing the type of accessories worn with the pink tulip skirt and white shirt. Opt for ballet pumps instead of heels for a more casual look, or add a chunky statement necklace or bracelet to create a more glamorous look. Keep the accessories colours similar to avoid unwanted colour-clashes.