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The Ray Ban New Wayfarer RB5184 2144 In Havana

Click Here To Buy The Ray Ban New Wayfarer 5184Ray Ban Wayfarers are one of the most sought-after frames in the world. From the streets of Tokyo to the roads of London, the wayfarer style is extremely popular.

From first impressions, these glasses just look like a super-cool, modern frame that's designed by fashion designers however it has a real story to tell.

The story behind the brand begins in 1937 when 'Ray Ban' was first created by an optical company called Bausch and Lomb. The name, Ray Ban, is a really clever play on words as it is said to represent the purpose of the brand which is to ban rays of the sun. The first pair of Ray Bans was polarized aviator sunglasses created for air pilots and aviators of the World War. A few years later, the brand then developed their first collection of ophthalmic frames.


The chunky frame arms of the RB5184 2144

The Ray Ban New Wayfarer is a re-invention of the iconic and legendary Ray Ban Original Wayfarer. The design of the New Wayfarer is still very similar to the original model but slight details give away the frame. The boxy-style of the lenses is narrower with the new model and the frame arms are slightly chunkier. The choice of colours is also another give-away.

Ray Ban RB5184 2144 in HavanaThe RB5184 2144 comes in this stunning warm honey-brown colour called 'Havana'. The tortoise shell inspired design is absolutely stunning and makes a great alternative to boring black frames. These frames may be hard to pull off if you like to wear a mix of colours however if your style is classic and quirky, you can get away with it.

These glasses are unisex. They have been specially designed to cater to both genders perfectly. Here we see a female model who is wearing the RB5184 in Havana. The glasses instantly give her a geek-chic look that is on trend and very stylish. She wears a plain black top and has natural make-up to let her frames really stand out. The chunky frame arm is very distinctive and recognisable.

You will find the brand logo on the temples and laser-etched on the inside of the glasses for authenticity purposes.