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The Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer RB4105 601/58 In Black/Polarized Crystal Green

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Everybody knows that Ray-Ban is by far the most popular choice for designer sunglasses.

Whether it's their funky, retro-inspired designs or their huge celebrity following that sparks our interest, the brand has managed to capture our attention yet again. In this review, we'll take a look at the brand's latest addition to their sunglasses collection.

The Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer is a contemporary re-make of the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer model. Why would folding wayfarers be right for you? Well, if you love to wear sunglasses but hate having to carry around bulky cases you will love these sunglasses. The frames are so compact that once fully folded, the frames are no larger than the size of the lens. These wayfarers fit inside a small compact case that can be easily stored away in your pockets. The case is compact but also sturdy enough to protect your sunglasses from breaking.

Ray Ban Folding Wayfarers And CaseIf you live your life on-the-go, then make sure you invest in a pair of these amazing Ray-Bans. The RB4105 601/58 is the brand's most popular model and colour choice this year. Moving away from the classic Wayfarer frame, the folding wayfarer has more to give in terms of function, wear ability and convenience. The folding joints of the RB 4015 can be found on the fame arms, temples and at the bridge. These three folding points allow the sunglasses to be folded into itself three times.

The stunning polarised crystal green lenses are perfect for daily wear as well as for hot, sunny climates. So whether you decide to take your sunglasses with you on holiday or not, you can enjoy the additional protection against glare thanks to the polarised technology in these lenses. Polarised sunglasses are great for people who drive, fish, or just battle with glare on a daily basis. The filter technology inside the lenses block out all horizontal glare and haze from reflective light. There are seven other colour choices you can choose from if the standard black frame is too traditional for you and you want something a little more exciting and playful.