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The Oliver Peoples Zuko-R OV5001 Review

Click Here To Buy The Oliver Peoples Zuko-RIf you love tortoise shell frames, then take a look at this stunning model. These frames belong to the optical collection of the Oliver Peoples brand.

Stylish, distinctive and unique; these glasses are sure to please people who want to stand out from the crowd. What makes these spectacles even more special is that they don't plaster the brand's name all over the eyewear.

If you really love sophisticated designer eyewear but hate it when you can see logos and branding all over the frames, this brand is right for you. The Oliver Peoples Zuko-R is one of the most classic and elegant model in the optical collection. The rectangle frame shape is a classic design and actually one of the most popular frame shapes for both men and women. This model was originally designed for men however let your personal taste shine! If you love the look of these spectacles and you're a woman, go for it. The unisex appeal of this model means you won't suffer any embarrassment with your glasses. If anything you will look even more unique.

Oliver Peoples Zuko-R

The Oliver Peoples Zuko R OV5001 1003 In Cocobolo

The Oliver Peoples OV5001 1003 in Cocobolo is the most popular colour choice and it's not hard to see why. For those of you who love tortoiseshell frames, you have probably already fallen in love with them. For people who usually prefer standard black frames may find themselves attracted to this model due to its mysterious mix of colours. The Cocobolo colour is a great alternative to classic black.

The Zuko R comes in 6 other colours ranging from red to honey brown so you will definitely be able to find a colour that you'll really like. Acetate that's derived from organic sources has been used to produce this frame. This is why the quality of the material is so superior, you can really see straight through the acetate. Unlike cheaper frames, looking through the acetate may look cloudy and dull however Oliver Peoples glasses always have a superb high-gloss finish that is clear. When you invest in a designer brand, you really do get what you pay for in terms of value vs. quality and craftsmanship.