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Oliver Peoples Linford OV1097S Review

Click Here To Buy The Oliver Peoples LinfordThis is a short review on one of the most popular sunglasses model from Oliver Peoples. This luxury brand is well known by the most elite fashionistas and celebrities.

The company is very exclusive so don't expect to see the brand stocked at every optical store, only the most prestigious retailers will have the chance in stocking a full collection of their products.

Oliver Peoples Linford

The Oliver Peoples Linford has an aviator-style frame shape that has been inspired by the hip and trendy 1970's. This decade was all about big and flamboyant fashion. Iconic stars of that era include Farrah Fawcett, Olivia Newton-John, and Donny Osmond. Flared jeans, frilly tops were a huge trend but so were micro-mini skirts, mini dresses and crop tops which were great alternatives to the bigger styles. Bringing 70's fashion back into our hearts, the Linford offers a contemporary take on the iconic and classic aviator design.

Subtle Details On The OV1097S FrameThe sleek double bridge design really helps to emphasize the stylishly modern squared shape of these aviator sunglasses. High-grade metal alloy is used to produce this frame alongside very durable acetate for the temple tips and stem detail. Silicone nose pads provide added support to the nose bridge. Keeping in theme with its exclusivity, the brand operates an anti-branding approach to all of its eyewear models. Instead of finding the brand name plastered over the OV1097S, you may find small, discreet symbolic icons that represent the brand.

Places where you may find these subtle hints include the frame arms and temple tips. When buying designer eyewear, three criterias should be met; function, design, comfort. Luxury designer sunglasses should look beautiful, be practical and wear well, and also feel comfortable enough to wear all day long. The Linford definitely meets all three of these requests. The design is classic, timeless and stunning. The silicone nose pads and acetate temple tips provide ultimate comfort. The sunglass lenses prove that they are fully functional by blocking out harmful UV light.

These Linford sunglasses and can also block out horizontal glare, just opt for the polarized versions of this model which is available with dark grey sunglass lenses. The non-polarized models of the Oliver Peoples 1097S have photochromic sunglass lenses, a first of its kind. As the sunglasses tints are quite light and would not offer great protection in very sunny climates, the photochromic technology helps to darken the lenses when there is too much sunlight.