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The Oliver Peoples Farrell OV1003S Review

Click here to buy the Oliver Peoples FarrellIf you haven't already thought about it, now may be the right time to invest in a pair of designer sunglasses.

This review is all about the Oliver Peoples Farrell. It is one of the brand's most popular sunglasses model that has been seen on many celebrities including the likes of Madonna and Gerard Butler. For those who don't really know much about this designer brand, here's a brief overview. Oliver Peoples is a very popular brand, known for its contemporary style and quirky designs.

Oliver Peoples Farrell

Celebrities are huge fans of Oliver Peoples sunglasses because they have many classic yet popular eyewear styles and unlike high-street designers, there's hardly any branding on the eyewear models. This is a massive turn-on for celebrities and people who hate wearing designer brands that have too much logos plastered over the frames. If you love glamorous yet understated sunglasses, this brand is right for you.

The anti-label approach is something that only high-end, exclusive designers have thought about as they do not want to target the mass-market. These exclusive brands want to target elite consumers who appreciate high quality products and true craftsmanship. The OV1003S is a very versatile frame. Although it is originally designed for men, the frame has an incredibly unisex design. Like most aviators, there's no limit to who can wear these frames. Aviator-style sunglasses look great on both men and women.

With the Farrell 1003S, we can see that Madonna and Gerard Butler are wearing the same models but have totally different styles. The singer opts for a youthful, rock-chic look by teaming her aviators with tousled hair and a sleeveless rock t-shirt. If you want to go for a more smarter look, opt for tailored clothing which will give you an overall sharp and sophisticated appearance.

If you are worried about matching your eyewear to your garments, do not worry. The Farrell comes in a wide range of colours ranging from lighter blues to glowing ambers. This model also comes in a polarized version for those who need ultimate protection against horizontal glare. For the polarized model check out the OV1003S 503552 in Gold Crystal with Polarized Green lenses.