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The Oliver Peoples Benedict OV1002S Review

OV1002SOliver Peoples are a prestigious brand and experts in the optical industry. Optician Larry Leight, the man behind the brand, opened his first boutique store in 1986. The store is located in Hollywood and to this day the brand is loved by Hollywood elites and most of the fan base comes from California. Many high-profile celebrities and fashionistas wear the Oliver Peoples frames. The brand’s mission is to be the most culturally distinctive eyewear brand in the world. More people around the world are recognizing their glasses as they become increasingly popular.

Oliver Peoples Benedict

The Oliver Peoples Benedict sunglasses are currently a best-selling model for the brand. They are simple and classic. They have that chic aviator style which is very trendy and stylish. The small features, such as the double bridge aviator and straight brow bar, adds quality to the design. The classic tear dropped lens shape sits beautifully on the slender arms which holds everything in place.

The Oliver People OV1002S are known for being lightweight. All of the materials used are of the best quality and because of its slender sculpture; the weight is naturally lighter. The sunglasses are known for being comfortable as you can hardly feel them. They are also comfortable because of the silicone nose pads and the rubber socks at the ear socks. The glasses are not marked with a logo as the beauty of the frames speaks for itself. However, the authenticity is shown on the interior simply for its value to the wearer.

The OV1002S have been featured in famous films such as The Hangover 2 and Due Date. Robert Downey JR is a huge fan of the brand and the sunglasses are beginning to be iconic as they are so stylish and cool. The glasses come in different colours and two size options to best suit your needs. They have a vintage 70s look and matches any style trend and whatever you are wearing. The lenses are made out of photochromic glass which is a modern feature and great for protecting your eyes. The frames are both practical and a fashion statement.