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The Oakley Currency OX8026 02 In Flint Review

Click Here To Buy The Oakley CurrencyIf you are looking for advanced sports eyewear, this may be the ideal brand for you.

Founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard, Oakley is now an internationally-recognised brand with high-profile clients such as professional athletes and world-class sportsmen and sportswomen as well as people who are very active. This company creates eyewear that helps to enhance the wearer's sports performance.

The Oakley Currency OX8026 02 In Flint ReviewThe Oakley Currency is one of the brand's best selling prescription frames. The key benefits of the Currency glasses are durability, flexibility, comfort/fit and design. Original and very distinctive, the design of the Currency is instantly recognisable. The Oakley signature logo is always found on the temples of the frames whilst the frame arms play host to a beautiful design motif dedicated to this specific model.

Oakley Currency

Oakley Currency Frames

This model is made from the company's O-Matter material which is lightweight allowing wearers to stay comfortable in their eyewear all day long. The Unobtanium temple tips are made from a special water-loving material that grips more firmly when the wearer perspires. The innovative 3-point fit that is exclusive to Oakley eyewear ensures that these optical glasses provide you with the perfect fit.

Twinshock Technology on the OX8026The TwinShock hinge design is sturdier than conventional hinge designs as there are no springs used. If the frame gets opened a tad bit too far, the hinges will glide back into position effortlessly. The lightweight alloy material is flexible and also gentle to the skin compared to other metal frames as alloy is non-corrosive. Individuals who would invest in these OX8026 02 prescription frames may be very sporty or just prefer the advanced technology the company offers.

The OX 8026 02 in Flint is by far the most popular colour choice in the collection. It's a great alternative to black frames and looks so much cooler and more edgy than standard black. If you do not wear prescription lenses but really like the design of the Currency, why not add a pair to your collection? Eyewear should not only be worn for visual corrective purposes, it should also be worn as an accessory. Just like watches, jewellery and hats, glasses are accessories that can be used to create a unique style or fashion statement.