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The Oakley Crosslink OX8027 01 In Satin Black

Click Here To Buy The Oakley OX8027 01American brand, Oakley has been voted by Fashion Eyewear customers as the number one manufacturer for sports eyewear.

Thanks to the brand's totally innovative materials and sports technology, customers are able to get the best optical and sports performance out of their Oakley eyewear.

The Oakley Crosslink is for people who want functional frames that looks as good as it performs. The aesthetic design of the Crosslink is simply awesome. From the rectangle frame shape to the fully-rimmed setting of the frames, the design of the eyewear is simple but very well-crafted. The incredible 'O' matter material allows the frames to be super light but very strong and durable.

Oakley Crosslink

The Interchangeable Arms Of The Oakley CrosslinkThe interchangeable temple stems allows you to change and update your look as quickly and as often as you want. With the Oakley OX8027 01 you can switch from the bright blue temple stems to the standard dark grey frame arms. The signature 'O' logo can be seen on the temples and on top of the bridge.

The Oakley Crosslink OX8027 01 In Satin BlackThe Unobtanium ear socks and nose pads ensures that these frames will stay securely in place, even if you sweat. Unobtanium is a water-loving material that grips even better when wet. This innovative material supports the special Three-Point Fit technology of the spectacles.

Oakley is internationally recognised for their connection with the sports industry. Even some of the world's leading professional athletes are loyal customers of the brand simply because their eyewear outperforms all other brands in performance, quality and comfort. The OX8027 is from the Oakley Active range of ophthalmic eyewear. The Active range is designed for sports fanatics who are as passionate about their eyesight as much as their sports performance.

So whether you are heading out to the running tracks or out for a meal at the restaurant, you can be rest assured that your eyewear will complement your overall look. The Crosslink in Satin Black is an extremely popular model as it is the best prescription glasses frame the brand has launched to date. When looking for these glasses, make sure you speak to a member of staff before placing an order to avoid any disappointment.