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The Hugo Boss 0368 Review

The Hugo Boss 0368 Review

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Not only does the Hugo Boss 0368 looks and feels good, but it also helps to correct your vision and look after your eyesight. The Boss collection for men and women is edgy, modern and made to the highest quality. The male styles for Hugo Boss glasses frames depict a masculine style and created with precise craftsmanship.

Hugo Boss founded his company in 1924 but later declared himself bankrupt. Where he lived in Stuttgart, Southern Germany he was seen as an activist in his day and for this reason, he was stripped of his voting rights. He later passed away in 1948 and his company floated on the stock exchange until 2005 when it was bought by the Valentino Fashion Group.

The design of the Hugo Boss 0368 looks quite similar to the 0369 model. However, unlike the latter model, these glasses are semi-rimless and made of stainless steel. The main advantage of using stainless steel frames is that they are stronger and durable. They also maintain their lustre well and do not corrode. If you are allergic to metals it is best to check with your optician or GP first before buying however there are plenty of attractive plastic frames to choose from with Hugo Boss collection.

At Fashion Eyewear, Nikon or Essilor lenses are available with these frames providing wearers high scratch resistance. The advanced technology used to coat the lens protect it from damage. You can also choose to apply a tint to your lens. Essilor is world leaders of optical products. Tip: try to avoid cleaning your Hugo Boss glasses with your tie or scarf or leaving them with the lens down on a worktop as this affects the performance of the lens and could damage them over time.

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