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The Different Lens Colours And Their Benefits

The Different Lens Colours And Their Benefits

Lens technologies over the past 20 years have rapidly and greatly evolved. Today, we have many different options to choose from, making it much easier to find the right lens to suit our needs perfectly. Many brands are going out of their way to not only compete on quality, comfortability and style but how relevant their product is with regards to the needs of their clients. That is why in order to make full use of the wide range of lens options out there, it is important to determine which one is right one for you! Wearing the wrong sunglasses lens can negatively affect the level of pleasure derived from any activity, especially those that take place outdoors. But don’t you fret, we have compiled a list of all the different lens options and their benefits; all you have to do is sit back, relax and be prepared to improve your viewing experience.

grey lens


We thought we would start with the most popular sunglass lens colour. Grey lenses are in demand because they are dark enough to make those annoyingly bright sunny days more contrasted. These lenses are described by scientists to be “colour – neutral” meaning that they are able to cut down the brightness significantly but do not distort the colours you see. This is especially good for drivers as you will still be able to recognise traffic signals and warning signs whilst on the road, providing the same level of safety, if not more. You can also partake in sporting activities when wearing these lenses, for example, you can do the following: baseball, running, cycling, fishing, water sports and motorcycling.

For the sporty and active woman we recommend the II0090V sunglasses from popular fashion brand Italia Independent. The stunning pair of frames comes in two colour options, a decadent purple and a daring red. Perfect for any outdoor action or even as a statement piece to a nice outfit.

indie 2 indie 3italia indie

For the outdoorsy male looking for a solid pair of grey lenses with nice frames, we recommend the Persol PO3042S in a striped brown frame. Brown is a very neutral and versatile colour which means this pair will be good for both active and fashionable lifestyles, especially since the lens has a full tint to protective the eyes from harmful UV rays.

persol grey

amber lens

Amber/ Yellow/Orange

Another top choice for sunglass wearers is the amber lens colour. This popularity is attributed to their colour enhancement capabilities. If you live in the sunnier parts of the world and you sometimes experience cloudy weather, then these would be the right lenses for you. If you want to increase the contrast and enhance clarity then you should try these, but be aware that in some instances colour imbalances could occur. Despite this, they are still very suitable for daily activities like golfing, driving (not at night), using the computer, shooting, skiing, tennis and mountain biking.

If you are a 'techie' who is always on their laptop, PC or phone; the amber lens would benefit you greatly as it filters out the blue light these devices emit. This blue light causes strain, fatigue and headaches. So not only are you taking precautions to improve your eye health, but you are doing it in style.

thin mary

We love the above feminine Céline THIN MARY sunglasses from the fashion house. They have both a yellow and grey lens which offers the best of both worlds. They are available in a cool blue tone which is perfect for sunny and cloudy climates. The typical stylish female would love these as they are very versatile and work with most outfit combinations.


For the more active male we find these Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are suitable as they come in a black ink frame with polished black and iridium (amber) lenses. At such a competitive price, it is no wonder they are so popular, being one of the top sellers from Oakley. Filter out hazy light that is harmful on the eyes without even trying.

brown lens


Like the grey lenses, brown and green coloured lenses are colour neutral. So if you are worried about that annoying glare, then fear not as these lenses are specifically made to cut though glare. They are known as the ultimate driving companions, this is mainly attributed to the contrast and added visual depth that they bring to the table. Even though this colour is known to alter the colour balance, it will not affect your ability to read signs or warnings whilst on the road. If you spend a lot of time on the computer and suffer from strain caused by the glare, then these brown lenses will be able to help you. For those who spend a large amount of time on the road and enjoy playing outdoor sports and using the computer, these lenses are perfect for you.

We love these unisex Tom Ford Henry sunglasses in an amber tortoise frame.

tf24855j_1 tf24855j_2 tf24855j_3



The blue and purple lenses are mainly used for fashion purposes, however many athletes and sport shooters have been known to prefer them as they offer good contrast in mid to bright conditions. Amongst other things they are also cosmetically appealing, they reduce glare and help you to see contours more clearly, making them suitable for sports like golf. With good colour perception they are also perfect for cloudy and overcast weather conditions. If you are an outdoors-man who likes sporting activities, you’ll be pleased to know that they are good for fishing, outdoor leisure activities, skiing and snowboarding and any other snow activities.

For women, we have the on trend Fendi 0026 sunglasses available in a Havana and beige blue frame. These Fendi sunglasses are timeless and classic, which is something pleasant to bring to a sporting environment.


For men, we have the Carrera R&B x-lite sunglasses in a light blue frame. At such a competitive price, with a few more colour options, you are sure to find the perfect colour for your chosen activity. The shape and hold of the frames makes them suitable for skiing and snowboarding as they are able to stay on for long periods of time without falling off.

car_bxlite_5eent_01 car_bxlite_5eent_03 car_bxlite_5eent_05



The rose and red lenses are known for their abilities to increase depth of field and vision. They reduce eye strain and provide good visibility whilst on the road. Consequently they comfort the eyes and help adjust contrast. They are good in most weather conditions which include but are not limited to: cloudy, sunny, partly cloudy and snowy.

If you like sporting activities that pertain to speed like, cycling, driving/racing and skiing then these are the lenses you will want.

For the more leisurely woman, we have the stunning Miu Miu SMU1ON in a yellow Havana frame. For the woman that likes to look stylish whilst driving or lounging by the pool, these darlings will give an added feel of glamour.


For the more active and courageous woman, we have the Oakley Radarlock XL Straight sunglasses which are perfect for high speed sports. They are also unisex which means they are suitable for both sexes without leaning towards too masculine or too feminine.


For the more active and courageous woman, we have the Oakley Radarlock XL Straight sunglasses which are perfect for high speed sports. They are also unisex which means they are suitable for both sexes without leaning towards too masculine or too feminine. If you would like to search for a different colour not listed or shown above, all you have to do is enter the colour into the search bar and use the filter option to display the results you desire.