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The best glasses to wear if you have an oval face shape.

The best glasses to wear if you have an oval face shape.


If you have an oval face shape, think yourself lucky. This is one of the most admired face shapes, deemed as ‘ideal’ because of it’s balance balanced proportions - perfect for choosing a pair of glasses. If you aren’t sure exactly what your face shape is, you can read our previous blog here. Oval faces have a narrow forehead and chin with high cheekbones.



When it comes to choosing a pair of glasses you are lucky - you can take your pick from just about any glasses shape and they will still suit you. The majority of glasses’ shapes are flattering to your oval face shape. Just make sure you pick a pair of glasses that don’t distract from the natural balance of your features. You don’t want to look unproportioned so staying away from an oversized frame is best.



However you can choose from this large array of shapes: rectangular, cat-eye, square or rounded in any shape or with any wacky embellishments. You can pull them all off!



We have put together some of our favourite frames below so you can shop all the shapes which suit your face. Remember if you are unsure you can use our virtual try-on so you can see if the glasses suit your face without moving from your sofa.



The Cat Eye



The cat-eye frame comes in many shape and size variations so you’ll still want to work out which type suits you best.. This style is a more feminine shape however more and more men are starting to wear it. If you are a man looking for a retro frame style we recommend you shop our Dior Homme collection. In particular, the Dior Homme Inclusion frame is increasingly popular with celebrities and male bloggers. Women have more choice when it comes to cat-eye frames. There are petite retro styles which are coming back into fashion, having been very popular in the ‘90s. We also have larger size cat-eye frames which were popular in the 50s. For more details on the history of the cat-eye frame, you can read it all on our blog here.





The Rectangular Shape



Rectangular shapes are a gender-neutral silhouette, especially popular with optical frames. As a classic style, most brands have a rectangular shape in their collection. Depending on your personal style you may opt for bold colour, a pattern or a sophisticated neutral style in black or havana. Popular brands for men are Prada, Oliver Peoples and Ray-Ban. Popular fashion brands for women to shop are Kate Spade, Dior and Gucci.








Square glasses are more on-trend than ever. Since the return of 70s fashion square retro shapes are one of our bestsellers - both for sunglasses and optical shapes. A leading brand for this style is the Dior Stellaire. They have created metal and acetate versions of this style in a large array of colourways so you can find a square style which suits you. This style is more popular with women but men are increasingly trying this trend. Other brands to shop are Fendi, Gucci and Ray-Ban.








Rounded frames are another style which is extremely popular this season. Brands which are leaders in this trend are Oliver Peoples and Ray-Ban. A uni-sex trend which combines geek chic styling incorporating the niche with mainstream styling. We have all our rounded frames combined together so you can shop them all on one page. This style is popular in both optical and sunglasses shapes.





If you are looking for some new styles you can shop our new designer glasses range here as well as sunglasses.






You can add your prescription to any of our designers frames no matter what style, shape or brand you decide to go for. Choose from Varifocal/Progressive or Single Vision lenses, then choose your lens option from the most advanced optical brands: Nikon, Essilor, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim and our own Fashion Eyewear Packages! We have our PD tool available so you can add your prescription in the comfort of your own home. Then simply sit back and wait for your favourite sunnies or glasses to arrive!