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Ted Baker Godard TB4209 Review

Ted Baker Godard TB4209 Review


These stylish Ted Baker Godard frames are one of Ted Baker's best-selling spectacles from their recent collection.

The Ted Baker Godard is from the men's optical collection however it's sophisticated unisex appeal may also appeal to women who like this kind of style. There are many women who prefer masculine frames as the shape of then eyewear looks more graphic and sharp.

ted baker godard

Ted Baker Godard TB4209

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Ted Baker was established in Glasgow, 1987 and has remained a strong British designer brand since its launch. Other designer British brands include Paul Smith and Burberry. The style of Ted Baker is very contemporary, quirky and original which is the reason why it is such an appealing brand to fashionistas who want to take an unconventional approach to fashion. Many of the Ted Baker frames including the TB4209 are designed to look very sophisticated, modern with a strong focus on detail and quality.

The Ted Baker 4209 has a full-rimmed frame setting, adjustable nose pads and relatively thin temple arms. The full rimmed setting is great for adding support to the lenses as this frame setting, there is no chance of the lenses becoming loose or unstable. The rims are also very thin which limits the obstructed view you would get from thicker rims. Adjustable nose pads are a standard feature on metal frames and are great for people who have a low nose bridge. These features on the glasses ensure that the wearer will be comfortable wearing their glasses all day long. When it comes to designer eyewear, you will always get more value for your money than you would do with non-designer brands.


Much care, quality and craftsmanship goes into every Ted Baker frame. Producing one model can take up to 12 weeks as the majority of the eyewear is put together by hand or manually-operated machines. This ensures that the standard of the production and quality of the frames are exceptionally high. The main reason why designer products are so expensive is because of this kind of service. The price point of Ted Baker spectacles is very reasonable considering other international luxury brands like Tom Ford and Chanel.

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