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Tag Heuer Reflex 2 Collection

Tag Heuer Reflex 2 Collection

Suave and sleek, Tag Heuer defines sophistication and style. The brand dates all the way back to 1860 and originally only sold tasteful watches. The brand, to this day, specialises in time pieces and is what they are famously known for.

Their avant-garde eyewear launched in 2002 and are now first in luxury sports eyewear. Function and finesse are two of the main specifications in which they adhere to. Constantly producing high-end and unique products.

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Their glasses and sunglasses are sports inspired mainly due to comfort. Tag Heuer Reflex 2, the sunglasses collection, are a popular seller due to its stylish yet comforting feel. This is usually rare to accomplish but the brand do so effortlessly. Using the best materials, which are tested and trialed, with perfected craftsmanship in France. Only the best and experienced eyewear specialists oversee and perform quality tests on every pair made.

Frames are made out of a semi-rimless frame with B-Titanium temples and adjustable auto-flex nose pads for extra comfort. The elastomer is ergonomically perfected to suit any head shape and memorises the wearer’s unique face which makes it individual to you. This material is very light and will not irritate you, as you would not even be able to feel it, as it does not even have hinges.

Tag Heuer Reflex 2 SunglassesThe sunglasses have a firm but light grip and is perfect to wear comfortably under a helmet and for any occasion. It adapts to your every move rather than sitting rigid on your face like any other ordinary frame. Lenses have the finest protection from sun rays and are available in 2-lens and shield edition.

A great resistance from cracking or damaging, though the price range is high-end, they are no doubt worth it. The masculine look is subtle yet immediately recognised with its rectangular shape and use of full tint. Available in different colours, the popular sunglasses are a very classy yet sensible choice to go. With the wraparound stems, you will not be able to feel a thing and this makes it suitable for any activity. Tag Heuer’s Reflex 2 collection is style personified.