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Sunglasses & Lipsticks: Summer Combos For Every Girl!

Sunglasses & Lipsticks: Summer Combos For Every Girl!

The best summer days have finally arrived. Not really, but we hope if we keep telling ourselves that it will happen. However one thing that always makes us feel better is thinking of all the summer outfits we’re going to put together once the sun decides to show up. Thanks to many a summer editorials we were able to put together the best pictures from celebrities and models alike.

Bold frames with bright lips

The summer is the best time in the year to be bold. There is no better time to show off your best lip colours as well as style. If you have a bold frame, either in design or colour, then you should pair it with a bold lip. We recommend a red or bright colour as they tend to stand out better in the sun. We also like these trendy Fendi Iridia sunglasses to go with it. A good red on red look can also be great.



Reds and Pinks

Pairing contrasting colours or “colour blocking” is also a good sunglasses and lips combination for the summer. We also recommend peach and orange combos too. We like the Carrera 6000/L sunglasses for this look.

Havana frames and blood – orange/corals

If you are looking for a much cooler and less extreme pairing then opting for simple toned frames with a nice bright colour always works and looks stylish on different skin tones and face shapes. Making the eyes less noticeable and drawing attention to the lower part of your face slims your features and makes them more contoured. We like the Céline Papillion sunglasses.


Bright reflective colours and peach/nude lips

A good reflective lens and a nice neutral lip colour are always a good combination. Peach tones look good on all skin tones and are not going to clash with your sunglasses no matter how bright or reflective they may be. We like the Oakley Frogskins.

Light frames with bold lips

If you like simple and bold looks, then you can try a light frame with bold lips. We like the heart shaped frames below as they have a summer festival feel to them. We like the Miu Miu SMU51Q, they are new and stylish.


Alternative style frames and bold lips

If you like loud and out there frames. You pretty much have the freedom to do whatever suits you. We like the Illesteva Brigitte sunglasses paired with a bright coral or pink colour on the lips. Red or burgundy would also be good choices.

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