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Reglaze Your Glasses At Fashion Eyewear

Reglaze Your Glasses At Fashion Eyewear

Has your prescription changed? Found an old pair of frames you would like to convert into prescription sunglasses? Just want a new set of lenses? For both sunglasses and optical frames, we offer a reglazing service. Whether you have bought your frames from us or another retailer, we will get them looking as good as new. We have a simple step by step checkout process for you to follow where you can choose which lenses you would like and add your prescription at the end along with your PD. Simply send us your frames and we will have then dispatched back to you within 7-14 days looking brand new!


- Search Reglaze in the search bar

- Click the add lenses option

- Choose the type of lens you need

- Choose what you need the lenses for (i.e. reading, distance or computer use)

- Add your prescription (should be dated within the last 2 years)

- Choose your lens thickness and tint

- The standard fee for our reglazing service is only £30
- An additional cost may be added for your lens choice


- We have 4 main lens thicknesses for you to choose from:

1.74 (Thinnest)

If you would like to know more about Lens thickness, please read our blog here.

4 different types of varifocal lenses, these are:
- Standard
- Advanced
- Premium
- Elite


- Nikon
- Essilor
- Zeiss
- Oakley

All of our lenses come from the 3 main leading manufacturers in vision lens technology (Nikon, Essilor and Zeiss), so you can expect your lenses to be of the highest quality and calibre technology-wise. For Oakley glasses, you also have the option to choose the ‘Oakley True Digital Lenses’ which offer high levels of clarity and comfortability.

Reglaze Your Glasses Here

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Prevent Constantly Reglazing
If you are after a new pair of glasses and sick of paying for the to be reglazed every year we advise adding our platinum coating package to your new frames.
This package includes:
- Scratch Resistant - Anti Reflection - Easy Clean - Smudge Resistant - Water Repellant - UV Protection
This comes with our thinnest and lightest lens and 18-month warranty!


Fashion Eyewear is an online optician, therefore you can add your prescription to any of our eyewear whether they are a pair of sunglasses or optical. Simply shop our prescription sunglasses selection or glasses on our website. Choose your favourite frames and click ‘add prescription’. Our simple step by step check out will help guide you through our lens packages, brands and choices. We have every lens type available to fit your needs, whether you need single vision, varifocal, distance or for driving. We also have the best lens brands for you to choose from Essilor, Nikon, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Oakley and our own Fashion Eyewear standard packages. After choosing your coatings, add your prescription and use our Fashion Eyewear Pupillary Distance Metre to measure your PD.
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Please note: We would like to inform all our valued customers that reglazing your existing glasses is done at your own risk. We say this in the rare event that the frames cannot withstand the reglazing process. The glasses could break due to the pressure and the type of frames; however, this is rare as all lenses are reglazed by our expert team of lens specialists in our fully equipped laboratory.