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Ray Ban RX5184 Review

Ray Ban RX5184 Review

Ray-Ban RX5184

Ray-Ban was the offshoot of German eye wear company Bausch and Lomb.

In 1937, Lt John McCready of the United States Air Force came back from a hot air balloon trip and complained that his eyes were damaged from flying too close to the sun for prolonged periods. He approached Bausch and Lomb and asked them to make him a pair of glasses that would protect his eyes from the sun as well as look elegant. A pair were created for him, today recognised as Ray-Ban aviators, and soon other members of the US Air Force followed suit and requested the glasses due to the fact they would be flying for long periods and needed protection (but also wanted to look good). From this, the Ray-Ban brand was born.


The Aviator has not changed much since it's conception, and is still today one of the most worn designs. The Wayfarer is another instantly recognisable design, and is also one of the most popular models throughout the world. The design was created by Ray-Ban in 1952 and has changed very little since. There are today three styles, the classic, the new and the folding.

The reasons Ray-Ban are the worlds leading eye wear manufacturer are numerous. Some of the main factors can be put down to their inherent cool factor that combine cutting edge styles with retro inspiration, the quality of the products and the general affordability compared to other high end glasses manufacturers.

The Ray-Ban RX5184 is one of the best selling models, and is the prescription version of the new Wayfarer. Oversized and bold, these are instantly recognisable as Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Designed for those who love the design of the sunglasses and want to retain that look all of the time, these glasses scream cool. Available in more colours than most prescription frames (around 15), the most popular colour is the classic and flattering 'dark havana'. This colour is usually the most popular in any brand as it flatters most faces and skin tones.

Different lenses are available, including single vision and varifocal. Transitions lenses can also be placed in the frames transforming these into Wayfarer sunglasses, and reducing the need to buy a second pair of prescription Wayfarer sunglasses. Lens coatings are also available, with the most recommended being anti-scratch and anti-glare.

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