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Ray Ban RB3479 Folding Aviator Review

RB3479Ray Ban is a world-wide eyewear brand sensation. Dating all the way back to 1937, Ray Ban is famously known for bringing us two iconic sunglasses, that remain a best-seller every decade. The brand celebrates 75th years of success and is known by everyone, including many high-profile celebrities and is respected in the optical and fashion industry. The two iconic sunglasses are the aviators and Wayfarers. The aviator was initially made for the American Air Force and it instantly became a hit with people.


The Ray Ban RB3479 resembles the classic and original aviator to every small detail. However, it has a modern and contemporary edge which is, the aviators fold. There are 8 hinges placed on certain areas of the sunglasses which allows them to fold and form a compact pocket size. This quirky feature means they are perfect for carrying around and will not take up much room in a bag. This updated touch adds an element of fun to the iconic eyewear, which makes them relatable for wearer’s of today, who are seeking a classic, but with new technologies to make them stand-out.

The RB3479 sunglasses are popular and a best-seller because of its flattering shape which is unisex. They retro chic eyewear Ray Ban Folding Aviatorremains timeless because of its simple and stylish look. The frame wiring is constructed out of strong metal and the tubular temples are slender. The streamlined sunglasses means they are perfectly suited for most faces and they are incredibly lightweight. The wearer will barely feel them on their face as they are so light and comfortable. They are long-lasting and durable as the finest materials are used and have been handcrafted in Italy.

The Ray Ban folding aviators are a compact size that fit into a unique smaller Ray Ban lens case. They are prescription friendly and provide 100% UV protection. The RayBan signature is engraved on the thin arms to show its authenticity and gives it that perfect finish. These classic sunglasses will remain in fashion forever as they are so chic and this new revolutionary folding idea makes them cool and contemporary.