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Ray Ban RB2140 Ice Pop Wayfarer Collection

Ray Ban Wayfarer Ice PopAnyone who is anyone knows the Ray Ban name. The brand has changed the eyewear and fashion industry since it first launched the iconic aviator sunglasses back in 1936. In 1952, the brand released the Wayfarer model which to this day is the best-selling sunglasses world-wide.

Ray Ban Ice Pop

The Wayfarer shape is a distinctive, stylish shape that is flattering to suit most faces. The classic eyewear is a huge fashion accessory that is worn by celebrities and fashionistas everywhere. Decade after decade Wayfarers come back into fashion and Ray Ban brings forth a range of new colours and prints. This summer sees the ice pop collection which is refreshing and perfect for a summer’s day or better yet a heatwave. The collection sees tutti fruiti colours that are fun and youthful. The classic style remains but has a modern touch that perfectly reflects when you’re in the sun and in need of a cooling ice-pop refreshment. The ice-pop collection includes six delicious colours such as blueberry, grape, citrus, watermelon, strawberry and mint flavours.

The Ray Ban RB2140 Wayfarers are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. So whether you’re at the beach, RayBan RB2140hitting a festival this summer or looking flash on a sunny day these are the perfect protective eyewear gear for all day comfort. They are not only a fashionable statement but also a functional investment. The lenses within the sunglasses protect your eyes from damaging. All of the lenses are 100% UV protected and each and every pair is given undivided attention as they are handcrafted in Italy. Only the highest quality materials are used and everything is trialed and tested to ensure they are durable.

Wayfarers are popular and are instantly reocognisable in the history of eyewear. The traditional pin accents are embedded on the front of the frames and the name is signed off on the temple arms. Not only does this show its authenticity but it looks incredibly cool. With these cool colours you can express your own style and after 50 years the brand manage to stay current and wow us with this amazing new range. Ray Ban rejuvenate an iconic piece with the burst of colours that look like water based frozen snacks with the translucent effect.