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Ray Ban Liteforce Wayfarer RB4195 Review

Ray Ban Liteforce Wayfarer RB4195 Review

Watch out, the Wayfarers are back! And after all these years, Ray-Ban came up with something new again. The new Ray-Ban Liteforce Wayfarers are lighter, more comfortable and more durable than any of the previous models.

Wayfarers are one of Ray Ban’s most popular styles. The very first Wayfarers came out in 1956 and were a real revolution in the eyewear industry with their new shape and material.
The original style was featured in different Hollywood films and celebrities started wearing them for public appearances. Their popularity lies in the unisex design that will never go out of style.

The Wayfarers sunglasses have the brand’s signature etched on the corner of the lens and on the temple arms for 100% authenticity. The brand name is known all over the world and celebrates the popular geek chic trend. Wayfarers have become a real fashion must-have over the years. The shape was the first to make glasses stand-out obviously on the face and make them cool and trendy.

The brand new Ray-Ban Liteforce Wayfarers are the latest re-make of the classic model. The design stayed the same as the originals, but the materials used are following the latest Liteforce technology.

The RB4195 is made of high-quality thermoplastic which is an innovation in the eyewear industry. The material is extremely durable, flexible and very light to wear. The model is available in 6 stylish and elegant colours.

With the RB4195 there is no need to compromise. You can still wear your Ray-Ban favourites; they are only newer, comfier and will last much longer.