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Prescription Sunglasses Vs. Photochromic Lenses: Which One Is Right For You?

Prescription Sunglasses Vs. Photochromic Lenses: Which One Is Right For You?

Surely you have seen or heard of prescription sunglasses and photochromic lenses, but how do you know which one is right for you?

In this short post, we will give you the pros and cons of prescription sunglasses and photochromic lenses then briefly summarize which one we think is right for you based on your needs and concerns.

Prescription Sunglasses

At Fashion Eyewear we do prescription sunglasses so you can see in the sun in style wherever you are. Prescription sunglasses are practical, they save you from swapping from sunglass to optical glasses all day long. If you drive a lot, prescription sunglasses are especially useful as they allow you to drive in comfort. We have a choice of over 45 brands which you can choose from, from Gucci, Balenciaga, Dior, Ray-Ban, Kate Spade to Dita with a number of shapes and styles to suit your face shape. We also have a range of purpose frames that are designed for specific sportswear. If you are an avid sportsman or woman then adding your prescription to Oakley, Maui Jim, Prada Sport, Lacoste or Nike frames would be extremely useful to you and your sport.


  • They look like any normal pair of sunglasses and usually available with the brand’s most popular models
  • You can choose different tint depths, tint colours or gradients
  • Can be worn when driving (however level 4 tint lenses are not suitable for driving)
  • Polarized lenses are available in prescription sunglasses


  • You would still have to carry two pairs of eyewear with you
  • The darkest lens tint should not be worn when driving
  • Can be costly to maintain them e.g. when you need new lenses because your prescription changed
  • You may find it a hassle to change between eyewear and end up not bothering to wear them

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses are all known as transitions, light-sensitive and light adaptive. You can add photochromatic lenses to your designer frames. We have a range of brands to choose from, Essilor, Nikon, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Maui Jim and our own Fashion Eyewear standard packages our optician has put together for you. Photochromic lenses are optical lenses designed to darken instantly in exposure to the sun's ultraviolet lights. photochromic lenses are available in all lens materials, high index, varifocal, bifocal and progressive lenses. To add photochromic lenses you can find them on our website at the checkout after clicking 'add prescription'.


  • It's convenient; you won’t need to carry two sets of eyewear
  • Time-saving; the lenses automatically turn dark or light in seconds
  • Can be more cost-effective as the photochromic lenses are fitted into your own optical frames (if you already own a pair)
  • Ideal if your eyes are photo-sensitive. Photochromic lenses also help to reduce squinting, fatigue and eye strain


  • You will still need two sets of eyewear if you drive as your lenses won't darken due to the windscreen blocking out the UV light
  • Certain environments and temperature can affect the darkening of the lenses
  • Sometimes, it can take longer than a few seconds to fully darken or lighten
  • They just don't have the same aesthetic appeal as sunglasses do


Photochromic lenses are a great choice as they are cheaper than investing in prescription sunglasses however they won't darken when you are in a motor vehicle. Prescription sunglasses are great because they're a great fashion accessory and protect your eyes against sunlight wherever you wear them.

If you truly want to invest in your eyes, the best option is to choose both!

Photochromic lenses are perfect for daily use as well as abroad (convenient as you will be mainly soaking up the sun and walking about). Your sunglasses will come in handy when you're driving or when you simply wish to accessorize your look.

Now that you can make an informed decision on which eyewear is best for you, you can shop our bestsellers here:

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