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Prada PR 22MV | Prada VPR22M Review

Prada PR 22MV | Prada VPR22M Review

Prada PR 22MV | Prada VPR22M

In 1913 in Milan, a man by the name of Mario Prada started a small leather goods shop with his brother, Martino, specialising in large English steamer trunks and ladies handbags.

Mario Prada did not believe women had a place in business so kept the female members of his family away from the company. Ironically, his son had no interest in leather goods so it was his daughter, Luisa, who became his successor. The company was then handed down to her own daughter, Miuccia. In 1977 she met her future business partner, Patrizio Bertelli, who advised her on how to expand the company and set it apart as a luxury fashion house. To do this, they started using Italian only goods, and stopped importing English materials.

Miuccia eventually took on a creative role within the company, and her innovative designs are what led Prada to become the iconic fashion house it is today. Miuccia also started an offshoot brand, Miu Miu, to design more affordable products with a more playful look than Prada. One of the key aspects to Prada’s success, however, was that it became a mark of ‘anti-status’, whereby the quality of the product was far more important than showing off the label. That quality is still what makes Prada one of the world’s leading luxury brands.

The Prada PR 22MV | Prada VPR22M is the most popular and best selling frame from the Prada range of glasses. A bold, rectangular front leads to thick arms, prominently displaying the recognisable Prada logo. The most bought colour is ‘Dark Tortoise’, being a shade of brown that flatters almost all skin tones.

Lenses available with the Prada PR 22MV | Prada VPR22M are varied. Four different thicknesses are available, with thinner lenses being the strongest and most durable, as well as the most aesthetically attractive for those with high prescriptions. Transitions® lenses are also available. Coatings can be placed onto any of the lenses, with scratch resistance and anti glare being advised for everyone, regardless of use. Other coatings include dust proofing and water proofing, as well as smudge resistance, all of which are most suitable for those that need to wear their glasses all day.