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Discover the Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Special Edition Sunglasses!

Discover the Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Special Edition Sunglasses!

Game, Set and Match.

Since 2006 Ralph Lauren have been Wimbledon’s official outfitters, tasked with creating collections of fresh uniforms for the staff as well as enticing, trendsetting eyewear. Wimbledon 2018 will mark the 11th year Ralph Lauren has collaborated with Wimbledon and the brand new staff uniform will officially be on show from June 27th to July 10th. This year’s collection sets out to combine modern fabrics and shapes with the age-old tradition of prestige, sophistication and, of course, a love for tennis.

This year all court officials including ball boys, ball girls and umpires will be dressed in head to toe by Ralph Lauren. In a break away from tradition, Wimbledon will now see ball persons sporting classic style Ralph Lauren polo’s and navy shorts and skorts – this will replace the previous design that featured the green and purple sash. In contrast to the ball persons, all official umpires will wear smartly cut, wide pinstripe navy blazers and classically clean-cut and simple accompanying white trousers. In doing this, Ralph Lauren has ingeniously combined the world of sportswear with sharp, old-school tailoring, drawing inspiration from quintessentially British, country club aesthetics.

A Celebratory Edition: Wimbledon Sunglasses

To mark the events 130th anniversary, Ralph Lauren has continued to shake up this British event, bringing more of the brand’s innate style to the playing field. For the first time in Wimbledon history, the official uniform of all chair and line umpires of England clubs will include a pair of stylish Ralph Lauren sunglasses. These unisex sunglasses will feature a classic shape, Ralph Laurens iconic purple Polo pony logo as well as dark green undertones. A Wimbledon by Polo inscription is heat-printed inside the temples. The sunglasses will come in a vintage-inspired brown leather case that sports the official Championship logo.

Polo Wimbledon Eyewear

Polo Ralph Lauren Umpire PH4099 56742

Make a statement with these classically rounded Polo sunglasses. The official umpire design of Wimbledon 2018 features a retro keyhole nose-bridge and a tortoise shell tone. A golden Ralph Lauren logo sits on the temples. Lenses provide 100 % UV protection.

Polo Ralph Lauren PH4099 564873

These vintage-inspired, shiny dark Havana Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses will make a cool addition to your summer wardrobe. The forever-trendy, round shaped frame will uplift any style, and the acetate composition is lightweight and easy to wear.

Polo Ralph Lauren PH4101 56493R

These Wimbledon edition sunglasses feature a sleek crystal-grey, futuristic-style round shaped design with a retro keyhole bridge and slim temples. Crafted from acetate, this model is breathable and lightweight. Mirrored lenses are vibrant and eye-catching.

Polo Ralph Lauren PH4089 56516R Foldable style

These Ralph Lauren sunglasses are a limited edition model and a collectible item; the design features a classic smart square shape that can be easily folded and stored, making it a highly transportable, functional eyewear accessory for sunglasses-enthusiasts and Wimbledon-goers.

Polo Ralph Lauren PH4101 56991A

This is a modern Polo style with a preppy undertone and a retro attitude that is captured in the smoothed, rounded shape and keyhole-bridge; the signature purple Polo logo is present on the temples.

Polo Ralph Lauren PH4121 50021U

These Ralph Lauren sunglasses have an on trend look that will suit those wanting to stand out in a sophisticated manner. The rounded design is composed of mixed acetate and shiny metal for a textured look. The ‘Polo’ name is imprinted on the arms.

Polo Ralph Lauren PH4121 57012

These high-quality Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses have a cool round shaped design with a statement-making cut-out style double bridge; this model merges trendiness with understated smart style to create a dynamic, protective accessory.

Polo Ralph Lauren PH4125 52606R

These Polo sunglasses deliver an understated, vintage-inspired look that is right on trend; the full rim square shaped design has a cut-out style double bridge for a retro appeal. The smooth acetate material is breathable and comfortable as well as corrosion resistant.

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