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Oakley TwoFace OO9189 Review

Jim Jannard is the genius behind the Oakley brand that he founded in 1975.

Jannard’s motto which he translates throughout all of the brand’s designs is that ‘nothing is impossible’. The industry thought Jannard’s ideas were farfetched as they were like nothing else out there but he proved the industry wrong. All of his designs are unique and innovative making Oakley the number one choice for sports and performance eyewear.

Oakley TwoFace OO9189

The Oakley TwoFace OO9189 is the latest innovative model from the brand. It is constructed out of C-5 metal Oakley OO9189alloy and O Matter which ensures it is extremely lightweight and comfortable. This is why Oakley is the best at what they do, as the comfort provided, allows the eyewear to be worn all times and for any activity. Many sporting professionals specifically choose Oakley eyewear, as it is proven to assist with performances, during games and fitness.

The Oakley TwoFace is designed and engineered for medium faces which means it suits a lot of people with different face shapes. Oakley uses its well-known three-point fit that firmly holds the lenses in precise optical alignment. This three-point fit means that the contact with the eyewear and your face is limited to only three areas; including above your ears and on your nose. This means they will not irritate you.

The Oakley OO9189 is extremely stylish, masculine and sporty. The brand effortlessly combines science and art and this is evident with this model. These sunglasses are part of the brand’s lifestyle range but it also has a lot of the sport technologies to benefit you as well as looks cool.

The lenses with these sunglasses are the best in the industry. Oakley pride themselves that they use their own materials and lenses. There are different lens options including HD polarized that produces the minimum glare via the best technologies in the world. Glare is reduced with the choice of iridium coating and the peripheral vision of a 6 base lens curvature, that meets and exceed Z80.3 optical and base impact standards, due to the impact resistance. These glasses are an investment as they will not break easily and will protect your eyes as well as match any outfit.