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Oakley Transistor OX3085 Review

Oakley Transistor OX3085 Review

Oakley Transistor OX3085

What started out as one man with $300 in his garage in California, has turned into a multi-billion dollar corporation.

Now owned by Italian firm, Luxottica, who also boast Ray Ban and Vogue in their portfolio, Oakley are now one of the world’s premier designer eyewear manufacturers.

Oakley was started in 1975 by Jim Jannard, naming the company after his English Setter. Jannard first worked within the motorcycle industry; patenting a material he named ‘unobtanium’ to create special grips for motorcycle handles. From these beginnings, the company was born and began to receive increased recognition within the sporting world.

Oakley Transistor

In the early 2000s, the decision was made to start selling eyewear, and the luxury Oakley brand of glasses was born. With the takeover by Luxottica, the brand was recognised as a luxury and designer one, due to the association with Vogue and other high end companies Luxottica own.

The Oakley Transistor OX3085 model of eyewear by Oakley are made from lightweight but strong titanium, and are semi rimless. The arms are slim line and sleek, with the Oakley logo displayed upon them. These understated frames come in a variety of different colours and are extremely durable due to Oakley’s diligent testing.

When testing a pair of glasses, Oakley has some of the highest standards, and the Oakley Transistor OX3085 are no exception. Rigorous testing ensures the lenses can withstand high impact forces and the frames are almost impossible to break. Being designed for sport, these glasses are some of the most durable on the market, so are great to have as an everyday pair.

A varied range of lenses are available to be put into this model, including an anti-glare coating to stop harsh rays from the sun obscuring your view or others view of you. Other lens coatings are available, including dust repellence which saves time from cleaning your glasses and water repellence, to help you see clearly even in the British weather. Smudge proofing is also available, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally touching your lenses.

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