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Oakley Jupiter Carbon OO9220 Review

Click Here To Buy The Oakley Jupiter CarbonThis is the latest review on the Oakley Jupiter Carbon sunglasses now available at Fashion Eyewear.

The Jupiter Carbon is one of Oakley's latest sunglasses launched this year. In this review we will discover the innovative features and functions of the model. Oakley is an internationally recognised brand loved by sports fanatics as well as professionals and athletes. Ambassadors for the brand include professionals Mark Cavendish (cyclist), Shaun White (snowboarder) and Bubba Watson (golfer).

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The Oakley Jupiter Carbon OO9220 belongs to the Lifestyle range which aims itself at customers who desire the Oakley experience but do not need the advanced technology required by sports professionals and athletes. Lifestyle sunglasses are comfortable enough to wear all day long. The OO 9220 has an exciting design that no other Oakley model has; it is a hybrid. The frame materials used to construct this model are O-matter and carbon fiber. O-matter is a durable, lightweight material that is stress-resistant and designed to provide wearers with all-day comfort. The carbon fiber material is used only for the temple stems.

Oakley OO9220 SunglassesThis material is also extremely lightweight but is incredibly robust, long-lasting and flexible. Carbon fiber is a special material that is usually common in car-productions and has a unique pattern that is aesthetically attractive. This serves as a double-purpose for the Oakley 9220 sunglasses as it makes the frames look stunning but it also very practical. The metal 'O' logo is a signature icon of the brand. The design is simple yet sophisticated and well recognised by Oakley fans. The iridium lens coating not only reduces glare but it also helps to block out a percentage of light transmissions.

Oakley 9220 Polarised SunglassesThe percentage of visible light it can block out will depend on the type of iridium lens coating the sunglasses have. For example, the black iridium lenses lets only 10% of light through whereas the tungsten iridium lenses let 15% visible light through. Oakley also offers polarised versions of the Jupiter Carbon with iridium lenses. Polarised lenses help to block out horizontal glare which is great for wearers who spend a lot of time near water as polarised sunglasses allows you to see through the water.

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