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Oakley Beckon Sunglasses

Oakley Beckon Sunglasses

Oakley Beckon Sunglasses

If you're a fan of over-sized sunglasses then you'll love Oakley Beckon sunglasses. Oakley is renowned for its innovative eyewear and designs. They push conventional boundaries and strive to create products that others would deem impossible.

Oakley Beckon

The Oakley Beckon
These chic and over-sized sunglasses are as practical as they are pretty. This model is from the women's lifestyle collection. The Oakley lifestyle range is designed for those who want the same Oakley optical experience but without the high performance technology that's required from sports enthusiasts and professionals.

You will look great wearing your Oakley Beckon sunglasses on the beach, by the pool, or whilst shopping on a hot sunny day. The Beckon not only offers you an attractive sunglass, it also helps to protect your eyes at the highest level. High Definition Optics (HDO) technology is built into every Oakley lens to give you less visual distortion and maximum clarity. The O-Matter frame material is flexible and stress-resistant making these sunglasses wearable all day long. The Oakley 3-point fit provides comfort and performance. At Fashion Eyewear, this model is also available with prescription lenses.

Polarized Lenses
Want polarized lenses in your Oakley Beckon sunglasses? Polarized lenses will block out the glare that's reflected from flat surfaces i.e. water, streets, and snow. If you opt for polarized lenses, it is recommended that you also go for additional lens coatings that will reduce glare from behind you. It is good to understand that not everyone will need a polarized lens. If you will be wearing your sunglasses in very sunny weather conditions, or participating in activities that require the highest visual acuity i.e. skiing then polarized lenses are right for you. Ask our customer services team about elite sun coatings.

The Oakley Philosophy
Oakley ensures that all their designs reflect the 'Oakley Philosophy of Design'. The brand created five rules that they need to follow in order to achieve this:

  • Redefine products and redefine what is 'physically possible'
  • Reject conventional ideas, and (when necessary) reinvent from scratch
  • Create a synergy between form and function
  • Offer the same optical performance levels that are required by athletes to every customer
  • Deliver the unexpected in terms of innovation, performance and style

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