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Oakley Antix OO9077 Review

OO9077Oakley is the number one choice for sports and performance eyewear. The brand was founded by an inventor named Jim Jannard back in 1975.

Oakley Antix

Jannard strongly believes in the evolution of products; that every product can always be developed to look and work better. Oakley’s design team looks at the world around them for inspiration and the unique products always manage to surprise industry’s expectations and wow their dedicated fans.

The Oakley Antix is a pair of action sport sunglasses. They are masculine and smooth in style. They are the perfect
accessory to go from sport to street in a flash. Elements of sport qualities are included in these sunglasses but are designed for a more stylish look and part of the lifestyle range for life beyond competition. There is an outspoken attitude and original style about these frames which is why they are popular. This model is available in lots of different colours and quirky patterns for you to choose from including classic black and funky prints.

The Oakley OO9077 uses High Definition Optics and strong visual clarity which sets it apart from the rest. The lenses within the sunglasses are of the highest quality and provide optimum sun protection. These are functional and fashionable as the lenses are 100% UV protected but they also look trendy. Oakley implement their 3 point fit that holds the lenses and frames, in optical alignment, providing all day comfort which is necessary when wearing eyewear. An optimized peripheral view with a new square icon design and integrated hinge mechanism with dual action cams makes these sunglasses one of a kind and gives them an edge.

The sunglasses are extremely lightweight to wear and are also durable and long-lasting. Oakley is the best in the industry for a reason and is highly reputable. The brand is popular world-wide and they brand’s eyewear is proven to assist performances during sports. Many sporting professionals including racing car drivers specifically wear Oakley eyewear because of the comfort provided. This latest model is instantly recognized as an Oakley pair of sunglasses. The frames are finished off stylishly with the brand’s hallmark engraved on the hinge section. The ‘O’ logo is predominant and makes a huge statement.