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Nike 4246 Review

Nike 4246 Review

Nike 4246The brand Nike was founded in 1964 under the original name Blue Ribbon Sports. Since its establishment, Nike stands for the greatest quality sports equipment used by professional athletes around the world. The brand currently sponsors different sports, such as football, golf, tennis and running.

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The name Nike (after the Greek goddess of victory associated with the original Olympic Games) and the iconic Swoosh logo have become the brands main signatures. Their slogan, launched in 1988, ‘Just do it’ symbolizes the energy and dynamism of the brand and their target customers.
Nike is a highly sport based brand, however its products offer great benefits to those who like the casual, athletic trend in their everyday lives.

The brand’s eyewear collection, Nike Vision is proud to provide the world’s greatest athletes with glasses and sunglasses to support their eyesight. Many famous athletes rely on the high quality technology Nike vision offers. The brand is worn regularly by Michael Jordan, Ronaldinho and Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal.

Nike eyewear offers great comfort, clarity and durability for everyday use. Nike glasses come in different styles and colours and offer great quality eyewear for both women and men. The materials used are to the highest standard.

Nike 4246Nike frames are pre-tested by top performance athletes before going into final production, to ensure a perfect fit.
The brand’s glasses are the perfect choice for those who like high technology combined with great comfort. Each model is fashionably sporty and a great addition to any outfit.

The Nike 4246 is a classic pair of spectacles with square shaped frames made of highly durable lightweight metal. The Nike logo is featured on the side of the arms for 100% authenticity. The Nike 4246 glasses might look masculine but they are in fact unisex. Designers at Nike Vision get the inspiration and innovation from the clothing and footwear lines, providing the wearer with greatest clarity and comfort. To ensure great quality until the very last step of production, each pair of Nike glasses is hand designed and manufactured in Italy.

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