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New In: Ray-Ban Aluminium Clubmaster Glasses RB6295

New In: Ray-Ban Aluminium Clubmaster Glasses RB6295


Ray-Ban never lets us down when it comes to redesigning their Iconic frames and the latest addition to their glasses ranges is no different: meet the Ray-Ban Aluminium Clubmaster frames.

Ray-Ban has been always quick to put a finger on the latest trends and this time the brand is making the most of the comeback of bold brow lines. It's not just models like Cara Delevingne who contribute to a the popularity of it; sunglasses and glasses with a striking upper frame have found their way back onto the catwalks and into our bestseller list. Ray-Ban mixes vintage with modern in these aluminium frames, refashioning the unmistakable Clubmaster frame with futuristic aluminium material.

The RB6295 model is made of aluminium, a durable, resistant material that's lightweight, resulting in a pair of comfortable frames that weight next to nothing. The Ray-Ban Aluminium Clubmaster frame comes in different finishes including silver, gunmetal, copper or black. Sleek and modern, the RB6295 glasses are a sleek and edgy twist on a Ray-Ban classic.

Aluminium Clubmaster collage

Ray-Ban Aluminium Clubmaster glasses


Lighter and cooler than the original Clubmasters of the '80s, this sunglasses shape became popular again in the late 2000s with the popularity of TV shows like Mad Men. A staple of geeks and nerds in its previous resurgence, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster is now back on the cool list, proving that great designs don't have a shelf life.

Originally, the point of the plastic finish of the frames was to make the frames as light as possible but with the developments in science and the preference of natural materials compared to synthetics, other materials have taken the front seat. Ray-Ban has already used leather to spice up one of their other Icons with a raw material, the Wayfarer. The matte aluminium finish of the Clubmaster makes these eyeglasses a cool take on the original with the added benefit of lightness, making them as comfortable as possible when you're wearing them all day.

We recommend choosing a thinner, thus lighter lens when purchasing this frame, to contribute to the most comfortable fit possible, but we do offer FREE standard lenses with these Ray-Ban glasses and also FREE UK delivery.

Don't miss out on getting your hands on the lastest Ray-Ban Clubmaster frames, place your order today and save on your glasses!