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Maui Jim VS Oakley

Maui Jim VS Oakley

Maui Jim VS Oakley Lenses

Maui Jim and Oakley are both well-established eyewear brands with a focus on detail and quality. Our latest addition to our Maui Jim collection is their new lenses, Evolution and Brilliant. We now have a wider choice of lens brands that you could choose from, Maui Jim, Oakley, Nikon, Essilor, and our own Fashion Eyewear packages. If you are into sports and need a functional pair of glasses that fit your sporting needs, these two brands are the ones for you to look at it. It is hard to know which brand is the best, however, in this blog we will be looking at our new Maui Jim range VS Oakley lenses.

So which is the best brand for you?

Maui Jim

We have two new lens options when buying your new Maui Jim glasses; Maui evolution and Brilliant. The choice is down to your lifestyle as well as personal preference.

*These lenses are only available with Maui Jim glasses*

Maui Evolution

This is our newest addition to our website – the Maui Evolution.

The main top qualities of Maui Evolution:

  • Use PolarizedPlus2 technology which goes beyond shielding your eyes from glare and harmful UV to reveal and enhance the world’s true vivid colours in detail.
  • Maui Evolution features lightweight materials with scratch and shatters resistance poly-carbonate while offering a much lighter optical clarity.
  • Leverages the best properties of STG and poly.
  • High Index and lightweight.
  • Rx-able.

Perfect for you if: You need lightweight glasses and your old pair is scratched or shattered!

Maui Brilliant

This is our second Maui Jim addition which you can find at our check out. The Maui Brilliant is the most advanced Maui Jim lens with features:

  • PolarizedPlus2 technology goes beyond shielding your eyes, from glare and harmful UV to reveal and enhance the world's truest vivid colours in detail.
  • Maui Jim’s most advanced lens material.
  • Optics are nearly as clear as glass.
  • One third the weight of glass.
  • Rx-able.

Perfect for you if: Optical performance and having the most advanced lenses is important to you!

Both of these Maui Jim Lens options are available in four colours, so you can personalise your Maui Jim prescription further:

Neutral Grey

  • Offers the highest available light reduction for the richest colours and sharpest contrast.
  • Best in bright, direct sunlight.

HCL Bronze

  • This ‘High Contrast Lens’ provides a beautiful warm tint, excellent for varied, everyday conditions.
  • Best for Everyday Use.

Maui Rose

  • It provides a subtle rose tint with the highest available contrast that’s perfect for fast-moving sports.
  • Best for Fast Action Activities.

Maui HT

  • When most lenses would be too dark, this ‘High Transmission’ lens offers extra contrast and colour.
  • Best for low light and golf.

Fashion Eyewear is an official retailer of Maui Jim and all frames are 100% genuine engraved with the Maui Jim logo.

Simply add your lenses by clicking 'add prescription' and following the step by step check out process.


All Oakley lenses are available with Oakley Glasses only. There are five options to choose from so you can tailor your glasses to you and your lifestyle:

Oakley True Digital Clear

Oakley True digital Freeform Technology lenses are digitally optimised point by point on the back surface to help provide high definition vision: greater clarity and a wider field of vision.

Oakley True Digital Prizm

The lens for colour. Oakley is a revolutionary lens technology grounded in decades of research. This brand was born out of the understanding of the human eye and how the brain functions in conjunction with the eye to create the perception of colour. The technology was engineered to fine-tune vision and optimise contrast.

A variety of Oakley Prizm, Everyday and Oakley Prizm sport lenses are available with prescription – giving athletes and consumers a true Oakley authentic advantage.

Perception of colour

Through an understanding of the complex way the eye interprets colour, Oakley innovators engineered lenses that fine-tune the specific wavelengths of light that make the eye perceive colour more vividly.

Purpose tuned colour

Oakley analyses each environment to determine which colours are important to see. Based on the mechanism of the eye and the visual demands of the environment, Oakley adjusts the colour filtering to enhance the visual experience through the specific Prizm lens.

Oakley HD Polarised

A single lens that eliminates glue and films – only one layer, no glue: the recipe for superior optical performance.


  • A single lens that eliminates glue and films.
  • Unmatched clarity of vision.
  • Optically superior to competitor polarised lenses.


  • Blocks 99% of reflecting glare.
  • Minimise eye strain with unmatched clarity.
  • Improves depth perception, contrast, safety, and comfort.


Iridium has a coating that reflects the light. Oakley Iridium is a special metal oxide coating on the lens designed to give a unique look.


  • Colourful lens coating that gives you a unique aesthetic.


  • Iridium lens coatings reflect certain colours, while working with the lens base tint to provide balanced light transmission.


Oakley, true digital, freeform technology is digitally optimised point by point on the back surface to help provide high definition vision: greater clarity and wider field.


Best everyday light intelligent lens – Oakley, iridium is a special metal oxide coating on the lens designed to give a unique look.

Ideal for those who:

  • Wear glasses continuously.
  • Often go from indoors to outdoors.
  • Seek greater visual comfort with any light.
  • Prefer lenses with a quick return to light in interiors plus aesthetic.

All our Oakley lenses are etched for authenticity. Only Oakley authentic prescription lenses come laser etched with the Oakley ‘O’ – an icon of innovation and leading technology, for proof of Oakley Authenticity and uncompromising quality.

So which brand is more suited to you?

Overall it is a personal choice whether you prefer Oakley or Maui Jim. The main difference between the two brands is that Maui Jim specialises in creating all sunglasses with polarised lenses. Both brands are sports-focused however Oakley has a larger range of sports which they tailor specific glasses to. It is hard to choose between both of these brands as they both pride themselves in faultless quality lenses and frames, and no brand is better than the other. However one may be more suited to your lifestyle and eyewear needs. To help you with your search, here are some of their glasses below to help you decide on your next purchase, whether you want to shop for sports or fashion purposes.


Are you an avid golfer? Both Maui Jim and Oakley have golf-specific frames. Shop the Oakley Fake 2.0 XL or the Maui Jim Ho’okipa Reader for frames which will help optimise your performance.


For fishing we advise to go for the Oakley Jupiter Squared 009135 or the Maui Jim Local Kine to help get that catch.


Are you a motorist? Look the part in Oakley Holbrook and Maui Jim Cook Pines - be safely in style with both of these brands.

If you are a sportsman in any of these sports we recommend looking at Maui Jim:

  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Run
  • Drive
  • Hike
  • Tennis
  • Water sports

Shop Maui Jim HERE

To look the part for these sports shop Oakley:

  • Snow
  • Ski
  • BMX
  • Golf
  • Motorsports
  • MTB
  • Cycling
  • Multisport
  • Baseball
  • Skate
  • Surf
  • Fishing

Shop Oakley HERE