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A Fashion Eyewear Guide To Lens Coatings

A Fashion Eyewear Guide To Lens Coatings

Nowadays the internet has become overly saturated with information, so much so that it’s actually quite hard to determine what is relevant to us. In this blog post, we wanted to outline all the different lens coatings and how to choose the one that is right for you. As trained online opticians, we have perfected the method of cutting and fitting lenses. Our vast experience in this area has seen us become familiar with what types of lens and coatings are popular amongst which kind of customers. Remember the purpose of coatings are so they fit your individual needs and lifestyle.

There are four main coatings that you need to know about. They are:

  1. Mirror Coatings

These are made for purely cosmetic purposes. Have you ever walked past someone wearing a pair of sunglasses and see your reflection in the lenses? Yup? Yeah, that person was probably wearing mirror-coated sunglasses. The main purpose of this coating is to allow the wearer’s eyes to remain hidden from view. They have added UV protection and are extremely useful in sunny weather. We have a large range of mirror-coated sunglasses; visit our website to see out the full catalogue.

  1. Tinted lenses

It is not good for our eyes to always be exposed to the light, not is it good for them to always be exposed to the dark either. This is where tinted lenses come in to shift and maintain the balance between light and dark. According to eye specialists, sometimes if there is a light hint (or even a dark one) of colour reflected onto the lens the wearer may find their vision to be better. For example, some tints (yellow) are known to increase the contrast in colour and perception.

  1. Scratch-resistant coating and ultraviolet coating

This should be beneficial to you if you lead an active lifestyle. You will be glad to know that most lenses on the market today (ours included) come with scratch-resistant coating and protection for UV rays.

  1. Anti-reflective coating

This coating is particularly good for those who drive or use the computer all day. Their main purpose is to reduce reflection, halos around light as well as enhancing the wearer’s viewing experience.

It is important to look after your lenses in order for them to last longer and bring out the best of their ability. If you follow the next few tips you’ll be guaranteed to keep them looking good for much longer.



  • Store them in a dry and clean place
  • Use the cleaning cloth, water or a non – lint cloth to clean your lenses
  • Get regular eye check-ups to ensure you have the right prescription for you

These coatings are not the only coatings we have available. At our checkout, you will have the choice of brands depending on your frame of choice. Ray-Ban, Oakley and Maui Jim have their own lens and coating options designed specifically for their frames. However, the most common option you will find at our check-out will be Essilor, Nikon and our own standard Fashion Eyewear package. We recommend our Fashion Eyewear package which is already put together to fit your individual needs. This is set in bronze, silver, gold and platinum selection. To find out more information on each brand, check out our Lens Page and blog to help you make a guided choice!

Now you know about our Lens Coating options, which frame are you going to buy?

Here are our bestsellers for both men and women to help narrow down your search. We have over 45 luxury brands for you to choose from and sometimes having too much choice can be hard!

  1. Andy Wolf - With our Andy Wolf range you have a choice of Essilor, Nikon and Standard Fashion Eyewear lenses. Andy Wolf is a luxury handmade eyewear brand which put quality above all. Try one of our bestsellers - the Andy Wolf 4579 this year.

  2. GOTTI - Always remain stylish in Switz brand Gotti. The Gotti Divine in a thin, gold hexagonal frame is a must for this season. Essilor, Nikon and our Standard Fashion Eyewear lens packages are available when you add your prescription to Gotti frames.
  3. Dior Stellaire 1 - one of our most fashionable frames, the Dior Stellaire. Also available in sunglass, this frame has been one of the most popular styles this year among the fashion influencers and bloggers. With this frame our Standard, Essilor, Nikon and recommended Fashion Eyewear packages are available, as well as able to buy in two shades of gold.
  4. RayBan Aviator - a timeless, classic frame. The iconic Ray-Ban Aviator. This frame does not only hold style but holds history, initially made for pilots in the world war. Ray-Ban has their own branded lenses you can add your prescription too along with Nikon, Essilor and our standard lenses.


    Fashion Eyewear is an online optician, therefore you can add your prescription to any of our eyewear whether they are a pair of sunglasses or optical. Simply shop our prescription sunglasses selection or glasses on our website. Choose your favourite frames and click 'add prescription'. Our simple step by step check out will help guide you through our lens packages, brands and choices. We have every lens type available to fit your needs, whether you need single vision, varifocal, distance or for driving. We also have the best lens brands for you to choose from Essilor, Nikon, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Oakley and our own Fashion Eyewear standard packages. After choosing your coatings, add your prescription and use our Fashion Eyewear Pupillary Distance Metre to measure your PD.