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Kick start your Summer with the new Blaze collection by Ray-Ban!

Kick start your Summer with the new Blaze collection by Ray-Ban!

Ray-Ban is the most iconic, highly-regarded name in the modern, premium eyewear world. It is a brand that has evolved to become synonymous with a timeless sense of style and an unrivalled element of class that transcends fashion trends.

Ray-Ban has a hugely influential heritage that has make an impact since it was founded back in 1937 – from the immensely popular aviator model – built to enhance the performance of WW2 fighter pilots – to the classically trendy wayfarer model – Ray-Ban has been producing eyewear like no other.

The Ray-Ban Blaze collection encompasses the innovative, characterful and charming essence of Ray-Ban with a contemporary, 21st century edge. The Blaze collection masterfully merges a sporty sense of style with an urban attitude for products that are uniquely stylish; each product in the Blaze collection is crafted meticulously with cutting edge, progressive materials for a flawless finish and an extra comfortable, durable wear. Blaze is a fashion-forward, bohemian collection, perfect for those looking for casual style companions that are trendsetting and distinctive.


Introducing the: Ray-Ban Blaze RB3574N

The Ray-Ban Blaze RB3574N sunglasses are an incredibly trendy addition to the Blaze collection and are designed for men and women. These sunglasses have a full rim, round shaped metal frame with a curved bridge, slender temples and coated temple ends. This design has a cool, vintage appeal reinvigorated with modern, clean-cut lines and can be worn everyday as a luxury style enhancer. This model comes with fully tinted lenses and mirrored lenses.


Introducing the: Ray-Ban Blaze RB3579N

The Ray-Ban Blaze RB3579N sunglasses for men and women combine a classic sense of luxury with an urban, bohemian character for a product that stands out and leaves a lasting impression. The RB3579N has an ultra-sleek, rimless geometric style square shaped frame that is sophisticated and modern. These stylish Ray-Ban Blaze sunglasses are available in six polished colours and come with fully tinted lenses and mirrored lenses.


Introducing the: Ray-Ban Blaze RB3580N

The Ray-Ban Blaze RB3580N sunglasses make another superb addition to the outstanding Blaze collection and have been crafted for women looking to combine practicality with style. The RB3580N has revamped a classically feminine design, injecting it with an edgy, urban appeal. These sunglasses have a full rim, cat eye shaped frame crafted from lightweight metal that is comfort-inducing as well as weather/cosmetic resistant. These fantastic sunglasses are available in a range of beautiful, polished colours with mirrored lenses.


Introducing the: Ray-Ban Blaze Shooter RB3581N

The Ray-Ban Blaze Shooter RB3581N designer Blaze sunglasses for men and women make a phenomenally cool and trendy addition to the Blaze collection. These sunglasses have uniquely stylish Blaze Shooter design with a full rim, pilot shaped frame with a flat lens shield construction, a defining bullet hole and chunky top bar. This design has been finely sculpted with ultra-sleek, lightweight metal for an impressively breathable, comfortable fit and a durable hold. The RB3581N make a bold fashion statement and come in a range of polished colours with fully tinted lenses and mirrored lenses.


Introducing the: Ray-Ban Blaze Clubmaster RB3576N

The Ray-Ban Blaze Clubmaster RB3576N sunglasses for men and women are an inherently trendy, innovative Ray-Ban design with a flat lens-over frame construction style and presents a refreshed, modern take on a popular, classic design. This Blaze Clubmaster model has a full rim, square shaped frame with a curved bridge and slender temples. This is a clean-cut, sophisticated design with a trendy attitude and a futuristic appeal. The RB3576N is available in a range of eye-catching, shiny colours with fully tinted lenses and mirrored lenses.