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How To Take Care Of Your Designer Glasses

How To Take Care Of Your Designer Glasses

Designer glasses can also be quite expensive investments especially when you have opted for additional services such as special coatings or tints.

Despite how simple this task may seem, you can be surprised how many of us are not doing it enough, or not doing it properly. This is why we have come up with some tips for you on how to effectively care for your glasses.

5 Tips To Care For Your Glasses

1. The Right Way To Put On/Take Off Your Glasses
Sometimes it can become second nature, especially at the end of a long day to take our glasses off with one hand. However, this can be really damaging to the actual frames. By removing your glasses from your face with one hand you can cause the frames to abnormally bend which stretches the glasses out and makes the screws loose.

Try and remember to remove your glasses with both hands instead which keeps the ear pieces straight and aligned.

2. Clean Your Lenses With A Microfiber Cloth

Use the cloth that came with your designer glasses/sunglasses to clean your lens. Avoid using your fingers and definitely avoid cleaning your lens with your sleeve, tie, scarf, etc because not only is this damaging to the lens, it actually causes more dirt and bacteria to become trapped on the lens.

If your original cloth has become worn and old, change it. You can purchase the microfiber optical cloths from your opticians.


3. Invest In A Cleaning Solution
If you find that cleaning your lenses with the cloth is not enough, go for a cleaning solution. Cleaning solutions from shops like Boots may be cheaper it is highly recommended to buy from your opticians. Cheaper solutions may not have the same quality of active ingredients to effectively clean your lenses and protect your eyes from bacteria like the solutions from your opticians. Clean your lenses with the solution at least once a week.

Working environments and lifestyle can also play a role in your cleaning routine; for example if you play a lot of sports or work in a warehouse you may want to clean your lenses 2-3 a week. If you own sunglasses you may need a different cleaning liquid due to the tinting of the lenses, using the same cleaning liquid may fade the tint of the lens.


4. Do Not Sit Your Glasses With The Lens Down

Be careful where you set down your glasses and how you do it. Never place your glasses with the lens facing down onto the surface as this scratches the lenses even if they have a scratch resistant coating.

All designer glasses and designer sunglasses at Fashion Eyewear come with the original manufacturer’s case and cloth so you can store your glasses away properly to protect them.


5. Have Your Frame Re-adjusted Often
With normal wear and tear your frame joints can become loose which may cause your glasses to fall off or slip off your nose easily. Get your glasses re-adjusted at the opticians on a yearly basis.


If you can, opt to have them adjusted every six months to keep them tight and feeling new. Most opticians would usually do this free of charge.

These are the five key tips that should keep your glasses in great condition and prolong their life.


When purchasing designer eyewear it is important to protect your investment. Not only do your glasses help to correct your vision, they also keep your eyesight healthy and protect your eyes from unwanted dirt which can be present in the air. If you have any questions about designer glasses you can contact the Fashion Eyewear team or visit your local optician.

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