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Honeymoon Sunglasses For Him

Your big day has probably come and gone and now you and your beloved are looking forward to spending some time together. We have selected a few sunglasses to help you look stylish all through your happy trip, so sit back and relax.


Our first option for you is the Paul Smith Elvaston in a stunning silver lake and grey gradient colour. For those sunny and warm destinations these sunglasses are just light enough for activities. They can also be worn with many wardrobe choices which make them much more flexible and versatile.


The second option is also from Paul Smith and is the Marsett in dark mahogany with brown gradient frames. These darlings are also unisex which means you and your significant other can share them, if you can bear to let them go that is. We love the round frames that are suitable for most face shapes and add depth to your facial features as well.

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If you’re more into the “slick Rick” look and want to look much cooler then we would recommend the Dior Homme sunglasses. With Robert Pattinson as the face of Dior Homme and also taking into consideration how hot these frames still are – you are guaranteed to be a stunner.

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Also from Dior, we recommend the unisex Dior So Real sunglasses that have been seen on countless celebrities, athletes and fashion bloggers. If you want to take a risk with your eyewear and be the centre of attention, then these are the ones for you.

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If you don’t like the fact that they do not have a bridge then you can always settle for the Dior Reflected as a much more comfortable alternative.


If you are more of an aviator guy and are looking to purchase one on the higher end of the spectrum both quality and price wise, then we’d recommend the Oliver Peoples Benedict. They are a nice manly style that will endear your significant other to you and remain timeless and wearable long after your honeymoon.


Our last recommendation for your honeymoon is the Carrera pocket flag 3 in a vibrant blue hue. The aviator frame shape is the best for this season and can be styled as the main or sideline accessory.