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Glasses Guide Online

Glasses Guide Online


So, how do you buy prescription glasses online? At Fashion Eyewear it’s pretty simple. Firstly you choose your favourite designer eyewear. You can choose from a large collection of over 50 designer brands for both sunglasses and optical. Our pages are easy to navigate. You can shop our designer glasses brand or designer sunglasses brands separately. We also have designer reading glasses available which you will find under ‘designer glasses’, readily available in all reading powers.



We understand that it can be hard to decide on a brand, style or colour when buying your new eyewear. That’s why we have our ‘find your frame’ pages. These pages are split into styles so you can shop our transparent glasses, circle, retro, tortoiseshell or rimless all in one place. This may help you make a decision or maybe you already know what your after and only want to shop tortoiseshell glasses.



If you are still undecided or unsure that the glasses may suit your face shape we have our ‘virtual try-on’ - easy to use with your laptop, tablet or smartphone with a working camera. It’s really easy to try on your glasses from the comfort of your own home. Virtual shopping is easier than ever.



Once you have chosen your new frames you can either add them straight to your bag ready to purchase or add your prescription at our checkout. Our prescription process is simple to use too. First pick what you want to use your glasses for and then pick your lenses type: Single Vision or Varifocal



Single Vision - These lenses include distance, reading, fashion, computer or occupational.



Varifocal - These lenses combine your distance, mid-distance and reading prescriptions into one lens. This lens is perfect if you often carry around more than one pair of glasses.



Once you have chosen your lens type you can choose from our advanced optical brands. All eyewear comes with a choice of lenses from Nikon, Essilor and our own optician curated Fashion Eyewear Packages.



If you are buying a Ray-Ban, Oakley or Maui Jim pair of glasses or sunglasses you will also get a choice of their own brand lenses to add to your frame.



Our optician curated Fashion Eyewear packages include:



Bronze Package



The bronze package is a high-quality lens at an affordable price which you can add to any of our eyewear range. This is our standard lens, available with two coatings: Scratch resistant and Anti-reflection. This is suitable for a standard prescription but not if you have a complex prescription. Our optician says “An affordable everyday lens package”.



Silver package



Our silver package consists of thin and light lenses. The coatings available within this package are: Scratch resistant, anti-reflection, UV protection and easy clean. This package is recommended for people with standard prescriptions who get a lot of daily use out of their glasses. Our in-house optician says “A superior lens with excellent coatings along with a standard field of view”.



Gold Package



The gold lens is thinner and lighter than the bronze or silver. The coatings that come with this package are: scratch-resistant, anti-reflection, easy-clean, smudge-resistant, water repellant, water repellant, UV protection. This is our most popular package and recommended for all prescription types whether standard or complex. Our optician says “This package offers the highest quality and great value for money with a wide field of view”.



Platinum Package



The Platinum range has the thinnest and lightest lens. Along with a large collection of coatings: scratch-resistant, anti-reflection, easy-clean, smudge-resistant, water repellant, water repellant, UV protection. As this is our most expensive package it is available with an 18-month warranty. This is recommended for all prescription types, especially if having thin and light lenses is important to you. This may be something to consider if you wear your glasses all day, every day as they are more comfortable on your face. Our in-house optician says “Our top of the range package offering best-in-class lens technology combined with the best available coatings with the widest field of view”.



If you would like more information on our lenses click here. If you would also like to read more on the coatings we offer click here.



Start shopping for your new glasses online.