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Geek Chic Glasses At Fashion Eyewear

Geek Chic Glasses At Fashion Eyewear

Geek Chic

So many of us need optical frames for the obvious, practical reason - to see better. However, fashion enthusiasts among us purely wear frames to be on-trend. A trend which is always trickling in and out of fashion is geek chic which leans heavily on glasses for its impact. Many glasses shapes are considered ‘geeky’ and our favourite influencers have made being a geek fashionable. Justin Timberlake is one actor who often represents the geek chic styling, along with Matt Smith and Alexa Chung. So in the eyewear industry, geek chic has become a timeless trend, which makes spending money on a luxury pair of specs more worthwhile as you’ll able to wear the same pair of glasses season after season.

Picking a frame style which suits you is always important. Luckily the geek chic look can be achieved with very different eyewear shapes and styles so there is bound to be that suits your personality and give you the geek chic look.

Cutler and Gross

Cutler and Gross are a good brand to start with if you’re after a high-quality pair of geek chic frames with a luxurious feel. The brand was founded by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross in 1969 based in Knightsbridge London. Now the brand combines the finest Italian craftsmanship with cool style creating a trend-led eyewear collection.

The Cutler and Gross 1302 frame is a delicate metal and acetate frame in seaweed green which adds a subtle pop of colour to your wardrobe. Perfect for the minimalist who enjoys pastel coloured stylish frames.

Cutler and Gross 1302

Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples is a heritage brand born in West Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. Founded in 1987, Oliver Peoples opened their first boutique. Now the established brand is owned by Luxottica, designed in Los Angeles, manufactured in Italy and Japan, sold worldwide.

Oliver Peoples is probably every geek chic enthusiast’s go-to eyewear brand. Oliver Peoples is one of our most popular brands with the best selling frames. If you aren’t sure which frames to shop we recommend the Riley R or Gregory Peck. Both frames are available in block colours and tortoiseshell in a large range of hues.

geek chic


Swiss glasses brand Gotti Eyewear was created by Sven Gotti and Felix Moreno in 1994. Their frames are luxurious, lightweight and thin with a classic appeal. Their collection has expanded to produce plastic and titanium designs, produced in Germany and Japan.

If you love a subtle, thin, delicate metal frame then you need to shop Gotti. They have effortless geek chic vibes which allow you to pull off the look without even trying.

Gotti Devine


Chloe is a luxury womenswear brand based in Paris. The French fashion house was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion and later joined by Jacques Lenoir. Now the ready-to-wear brand produces designer accessories as well as fashion apparel.

The Chloe Palma is our metal wire geek-chic frame with a unique twist. The hexagonal frame is a delicate feminine, fashion-forward shape, which is perfect if you’re looking for an innovative geek chic styling.

geek chic

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Eyewear is an extension to her ready-to-wear collection with a modern, feminine and confident aesthetic. All materials used in her eyewear and ready-to-wear collection are from sustainable and natural resources, making the Stella McCartney brand a pioneer in sustainable fashion.

The Stella McCartney SC01840 frame has a subtle hexagonal frame with acetate detailing along the top of the rim in black and tortoiseshell. If you want to look geek stylish and maintain your green creds, this is the brand for you.

geek chic


We can’t do a geek chic style edit and not include the Ray-Ban Aviator. This historical frame made the Ray-Ban brand the household name it is today. Created by Bausch and Lomb in 1936 the Aviator was created for pilots during the war for functional purposes only.

Today the Aviator is seen as the King of the geek chic trend, worn by everyone from celebrities, businessmen, women and children.

geek chic

The Geek Chic trend is for everyone.

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